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This mirror distributes compliments

What is beautiful about me? hm ... A mirror at Ikea knows the answer!
Photo: iStockphoto

How nice! We would also like to have it in the bathroom

Others see immediately that we have great legs or bright eyes. And tell us that too. Now even a mirror at Ikea distributes compliments. What this looks like is shown in this video.

In the morning at eight o'clock in the bathroom: The whirlwind on the pony annoys, the pimple on the chin does not work. And the easy ears have always been there, but they will not be bearable by a long shot. This list of shortcomings could be continued endlessly. Because in front of the mirror we turn into merciless body scanners, only focus on our weak points.

What we do not know: The mirror view is a tunnel view, it distorts our perception. Other people, on the other hand, tend to see us as a whole, perceive charisma, gait, voice, clothing and body - and therefore value not only more attractive, but also more objective than ourselves. And sometimes even a mirror knows how beautiful we actually are are. This is what happened at Ikea in London. Here is a "Motivational Mirror" , a motivating mirror that distributes compliments to passing customers.

With the help of sensors, audio and a text display, the pronounced compliments are tuned directly to the other person. How it looks, the video below shows ... And we throw in the idea letterbox at Ikea in any case this note: "Please bring the compliments mirror in our store!"

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