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French Girls App: What happens when strangers draw?

"French Girls" turns selfies into art
Photo: iTunes / French Girls

New app for hobby artists

Just draw: What has already relaxed us to kindergarten times, experienced now as an app a real revival. Everything about the art for the smartphone is here.

"Draw me like one of your French girls, " said Kate Winslett to Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, before turning away for his nude portrait. Exactly this sentence is eponymous for the new app "French Girls" , which enjoys more and more popularity. No nudes are painted here, but selfies by strangers are sometimes funny, sometimes truly artistically interpreted.

Whether you just want to be drawn yourself or simply want to let off steam on the pictures of others, is up to you at "French Girls" . Anyone who participates needs a healthy portion of humor : The small works of art are not always particularly flattering, but rather take a liking to the drawn strangers. Especially the Duckface you should save yourself, if you do not want to be seen in a duck version at the end.

You can then admire the most beautiful pictures in the gallery of the "French Girls" App . With over 1 million downloads, the smartphone app is currently one of the coolest addictive devices in the iTunes store - and it has celebrity followers too! Singer Christina Milian has been drawing herself several times. We would also like to have a little portrait ...

Oh my Gosh This is so sweeeeet #FrenchGirls

- kentin (@Catherine_ars) July 13, 2014

Check out this drawing from #FrenchGirls and get the app at! Just can not resist.

- Billyhill DQ (@BillyhillDQ) July 8, 2014

Lol #FrenchGirls

- Яi כ K (@RickRegardless) July 6, 2014

Oh dear they made fun of my nose on #FrenchGirls

- Andres (@ stickyfeet17) July 9, 2014

Check out this drawing from #FrenchGirls and get the app at!

- Billyhill DQ (@BillyhillDQ) June 18, 2014

I love the #FrenchGirls app. Drew anonymous selfie:

- Petra (@bonpetra) 15 June 2014