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Christmas Sweater 2014: Kitsch is so cool!

Soft Christmas sweater made of knitwear - with Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus. From Asos, about 40 euros.
Photo: Manufacturer

Cheesy? No, at Christmas is the COOL!

Christmas is approaching and the anticipation remains? Not with these Christmas sweaters! They are so nice cheesy, that you can only wear them now - but with so much fun, like no other garment!

If it is right once a year - and yes, we think TRUE - cheesy, then yes for Christmas ! Never is our heart so full of love for sparkling Christmas tree trinkets, sweet wine tastes better than at the Christmas market, and we secretly love the "Last Christmas" continuous loop on the radio.

Now candlelight, even the gift-shopping and all the pre-celebration our spirits dominate (and brighten). In short: The most solemn season has begun. And with it we have a thousand opportunities to carry out all the funny Christmas sweaters that are available in 2014 !

You too want to express your X-Mas anticipation ? With a Christmas jumper, of which we have gathered a lot up in the gallery, it certainly works. It is going to be a party!