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"Mom dances without pants" Why my mother is my role model

To appoint the mother as her own example is easy to say. But what really makes the person who gave birth to me? Mother's Day is the time to look after the woman who has taken care of herself all her life. A letter to my mom: Mom and I dance - with pants. Photo: private My mother is my role model


TutorialOn zig-zag course

Zig-zag patterns are currently in fashion. We'll show you three great tutorials on how to get your home on trend. The geometric pattern gives your home a modern touch without much effort. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS content Homemade coverlet Old chair in a new look Summery zigzag carpet Homemade coverlet You need this: double-sided ironing fleece different colored cotton fabrics Iron ruler French chalk fabric scissors bedspread And this is how it's done: 1


Stay fit! Tips for strengthening the immune system

Healthy thanks to an intact immune system Photo: iStock content So colds guaranteed no chance The base 1. Light gives the defense Vitamin D. 2. Exercise lowers the risk of infection 3. Calm makes us strong inside The construction program 4. Fortify the vessels with saunas and Kneipps 5. The trace element zinc So colds guaranteed no chance She gets us two or three times a year, and in our lives we even spend up to five years with her - the common cold


Men's HealthHormone fluctuations: menopausal women

Does the partner prefer to go through all TV channels instead of going out with us? Is he lying on the couch for weeks and then signing up for marathon training? Does he suddenly want to drive a convertible, even though the Opel has served well in the garage for 20 years? Then he could be in menopause


Sick in Summer Summer Flu: How to protect yourself from it

The sun is shining, we move a lot in the fresh air and vegetables and fruits are available daily on our menu. A win-win situation for our health - actually, because even in summer, viruses are active. Photo: iStock // PeopleImages Colds occur only in winter? Unfortunately, no! Even in the warm season, viruses are on the way and not infrequently caught us then just a "summer flu"


Feel freedom7 Places that give you a sense of freedom

The to-do list is getting longer and the stress of everyday life just does not diminish. Now a little break would be just the thing. The following 7 places are guaranteed to give you a sense of freedom and finally make you breathe again in stressful times. Photo: iStock // Fred Froese Sometimes the stressful everyday life keeps us pretty much trapped


Editorial testMy first time in yoga: That is how I experienced it

Is yoga really that much "Ommm"? And can I actually do that if I'm normal-jointed? Our editor has gone to her very first yoga class for you and cleans up with a few prejudices. Photo: iStock // RyanJLane content Yoga and music? Wrong! Nothing was heard of "Ommm" & Co 60 minutes of yoga: a feeling like newborn My very first yoga class is imminent


It's good! 5 reasons why yoga is just great

Yoga gives us a good body feeling. We know that by now. But what else can the training do for our body and mind? Here are five good reasons why we should all do more yoga. Photo: Privatbrauerei ERDINGER Weißbräu 1. More patience in everyday life People who do yoga regularly can often indulge much better in the moment.


Purity Law The Dos and Don'ts of the yogic diet

Yoga in combination with proper nutrition is the key to more ease and complete well-being. As you can support your progress in training through an adapted diet, you will experience the yogic diet in our dos and don'ts. Photo: iStock // Mizina content Dos of the yogic diet: You can taste that Don'ts of the yogic diet: You better let go of that Recipes from the yogak che Purity for body and mind is considered the biggest goal among yogis


ImpfschutzItalien introduces compulsory vaccination for children

In Italy, a law on compulsory vaccination for children has now been passed. Children who are not vaccinated are no longer accepted in day-care centers and schools. Italy introduces a legal vaccine Photo: Istock A tough crackdown by the Italian government will leave many vaccination opponents in Germany speechless


Get fresh! Iso Drinks: My energy kick after jogging

After running, we all want only one thing: to drink a lot. While most are reaching for water, I prefer isotonic drinks. Why? Because they are the better choice for body and palate. Photo: ERDINGER Alcohol-free I go jogging regularly after work because, after a long day at the desk, I find it wonderful to move in the fresh air


Run girl, run! Motivation: How do you motivate yourself and others?

It goes without saying that exercise is good for you. Nevertheless, it is often difficult to motivate yourself to run. With these tips you can inspire yourself and others super. With the right motivation tips, running becomes your favorite sport. Photo: iStock content Set goals and schedule rewards The right music works wonders Try new routes To arrange to run Well dressed, it works better Training according to plan You have no time


When the muscles hurtMuscular hangover: What helps against it and how can it be avoided

Everyone knows muscle soreness after exercise. Even if he is not dangerous, he can be quite uncomfortable. We reveal what helps against the nasty pain and how you can avoid it. Photo: iStock // Anetlanda If even the smallest movement hurts terribly a few days after the sport, it is most likely a decent muscle card


True or False? 7 myths about jogging

Everyone has one or the other myth in mind when thinking about jogging. And many a fallacy persists stubbornly in the heads. Time to take care of these curiosities and tidy up with them. Photo: iStock // bogdankosanovic 1. Fat burning starts after 30 minutes The body usually draws its energy in parallel from two energy sources, one from the fat cells and the other from the carbohydrate metabolism


Crunchy-sweet Quinoa Squares

Photo: DELICIOUS Ingredients for about 16 squares 200g quinoa 150 g of oatmeal 125 g of cashew nuts 100 g almonds without skin 75 g of grated coconut 80 g of flaxseed 3 tablespoons of liquid honey 2 tbsp. Chocolate drops 4 tablespoons of maple syrup 1 pinch of salt 3 tablespoons peanut cream 3 tablespoons of coconut oil baking paper Preparation, approx


Crunchy-fresh raw salad with greensballs

Photo: Pankrath, Tobias ingredients for 4 persons 1 shallot 1 tsp + 2 tbsp oil 250 g of green corn meal 1 pinch of ground cumin 1 pinch of ground cinnamon 500 g of carrots 500 g of yellow carrots 300 g of purple carrots 2 bars of celery 50 g walnut halves 1 small pot of coriander 1 tsp honey 2 tablespoons lemon oil 2-3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar salt pepper 3-4 tablespoons of breadcrumbs 1 tsp of tender oatmeal 50 g pizza melt (vegan raspberry cheese) 1 small sour apple 50 g of sultanas Preparation, about 45 minutes Peel the shallot and finely dice


Delicious asian fried chard with sesame seeds

Photo: LECKER 7/2010 Ingredients for 2 persons 100 g basmati rice salt and pepper 1 small onion 1 clove of garlic 1 piece (about 20 g) ginger 600 g of chard 80 g of lean cooked ham 1 tbsp sesame 1 tbsp oil 4 tablespoons soy sauce Preparation, about 30 minutes Cook rice in 200 ml of boiling salted water according to the instructions on the package


Managing stress5 Tips for more serenity in everyday life

Everyday life usually involves more stress than moments of rest. All the more enviable are the people who still keep their cool even when the biggest storm rages around them. Serenity is a virtue that anyone can learn with a little help and the following tips. Photo: iStock // Portra Most people are professionally and privately involved and jump back and forth between job and family life in everyday life


Active for more relaxation Sport against stress: why exercise makes you happy!

Sport against stress: Regular physical activity makes an essential contribution to the promotion of health, which is why you should better exchange the couch for the treadmill in the evening. Photo: iStock // skynesher content What is stress? Problem our time: wrong stress management Couch vs. Sports: That's why it's better to move One appointment chases the next and the lunch break in the office is shorter thanks to the many meetings


Resting The 32-hour day: less stress at last?

How many times have we wanted a few more hours a day to check off points 15 and 16 on the to-do list? But do we really need those extra hours? Not necessarily, because with a sophisticated structure and "vital" support, we can get along well with the time given us. Overtime is no exception in today's world of work


Draw ripcord to recognize and decelerate tension

Recognize stress and escape it with our anti-stress tips. Photo: iStock / CentralITAlliance Stress trap everyday No matter whether we experience it at work or at home: Stress is one of the greatest burdens on our health. But when you recognize stress, there are ways to slow down life. Recognizing regular breaks and personal needs are part of this


Disease in the Ear Gaping Tube: If you hear everything twice

A feeling like a foreign body is in your ear and you hear everything twice? If you know that, you might be suffering from a gaping tube. A gaping tube can affect the affected people very much Photo: Istock content What is the Eustachian tube? What if the Eustachian tube is permanently disturbed? What causes a gaping tube

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