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That comes up to you! Will the health insurance card be abolished?

The federal government had big plans with the health card. So much should be better for the patient. But the innovative health insurance card is about to fail.

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Already in 2006, the conversion of the normal insurance card to the so-called health card took place. It should electronically exchange data for physicians and pharmacists, an emergency record should be stored and a patient's medication plan should be available so that there are no more deaths due to interactions.

But none of this has been implemented to date. Allegedly because of technical problems. 1.7 billion euros have already cost the plans. The operating company Gematik said just over a month ago that everything would be ready soon. Other voices claim that after the general election, the concept is announced as failed.

Also plans that some health insurance companies are looking for new providers for the technical solution are in discussion. So far, a telecom subsidiary had taken care of it, now IBM could join. But then there is the fear in the room that each health insurance company has its own health card system. Because that in turn could overwhelm the doctor's offices and the desired transparency and simplicity would be lost.

In the worst case, the card does not fall completely away, it simply serves as proof of insurance.

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