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Video: Italian nun excited with hit by Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys: hit on "The Voice"

This video is currently the new sensation on YouTube: In the Italian version of "The Voice", a nun sang the Alicia Keys hit "No One" and inspired so much that the performance now spread internationally. Is a new Susan Boyle born?

Nuns are Alicia Key's hit at The Voice Italy
Photo: Youtube, Getty Images

Sister Cristina Scuccia proved that Italian nuns can not sing only Christian chorales when performing in the Italian version of the talent show "The Voice".

Mimicking Alicia Keys is a mature feat, but it's even more impressive not only to cheer other nuns out in the audience, but to get a jury into a rage and become a viral YouTube sensation. Vocal won Susan Boyle became a star in the UK this way. Does this lady now have a career change?

Here's Cristina Scuccia's impressive vocal interpretation of Alicia Keys' "No One":

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