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Hansi Hinterseer: Touching declaration of love from his Romana

A great love: Hansi has been happily married to Romana for 27 years.
Photo: Imago / ADBP-Media

They are words full of feelings

There is still snow on the Wilder Kaiser (2, 344 meters). When we meet Hansi Hinterseer (59) in Kitzbühel (Austria) together with two readers, the sun is shining from the sky. The singer is completely relaxed, takes a lot of time for his visitors. "I owe my luck to you. I'm grateful for that, "says Hansi in an interview.

She always encouraged him

The fan breakfast from TV station "Heimatkanal" in the "Belluna" café is a relaxed conversation and a laugh. And - surprise! - Wife Romana (54) looks over.

Already in these few moments you can feel how much the couple is familiar with each other. After 27 years, they understand each other blindly. A romantic proof of this: Romana has Hansi on his new CD "Today is your day" (from 26 July), the song "lifelong with you" written.

A touching way to express her affection: "I see it as a declaration of love of a special kind. And the best part: I feel exactly the same for Romana, " says Hansi Hinterseer . The fact that he is allowed to sing a song of her, is a gift for him: "I'm very proud of her." She is always there for him - even in the music!

She also supports him with all his might in the important new plans: The Tyrolean is going on a big "Anniversary" tour (from 12th February 2014). "I'm really looking forward to it, " he says. Because Romana takes care of the family in the background, he can always give everything on stage. "That's a great luxury for me, " says the Kitzbüheler enthusiastically.

Will Romana accompany him? "She'll be there again and again. But to be on tour means little time for each other. I do not want to expect her to do that. And she understands that. "He loves her especially for this great understanding. " Romana never rules me and feels what's important to me, " he says. Love can be so beautiful.

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