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Deco trend: owls

Even as a poster, the funny birds can now be immortalized on the wall.

Where do all the owls come from?

Photo: Fotolia / m_yulia

What's going on with these owls lately? On T-shirts, bags and pillows, they are to be discovered, but in the meantime also to be found on almost every other object. That may be because somebody discovered some time ago how cute owls can be represented by simply emphasizing their big eyes and their round body. And the idea is currently beating like a bomb.

Owls were not necessarily the ideal motif for posters and the like for a long time. Recently, however, this public opinion has changed. In addition to the famous squeaky ducks for the bathroom, this breed of bird has now managed to fly into people's hearts. In addition to a variety of decorative items such as self-made pillows in owl shape, this is especially evident in the large range of posters, which have the owl as the main motive.

Owls as a poster on the living room wall? An art print of a series of squeaky ducks in the bathroom? Or rather the big picture of a hawk that stands for freedom and grace like no other bird? If this sounds odd at first, you should take a look at the range of posters and art prints that are currently available on the internet. One would not have guessed it, but the sketchy depiction of three owls hanging playfully on a branch warms the heart more than one would expect. And a funny poster of bath ducks in the bathroom, where actually no bath ducks had been since childhood? That sounds pretty funny.

Birds everywhere on the wall

Only very few people like bare walls in their own apartment, which probably represents order and cleanliness. Many like to miss their flat a personal flair that spreads more color, life and variety in the rooms. The posters of colorful owls or cranes painted in Chinese art do not meet every taste. But that should not really be the problem. Art prints and posters are available with all sorts of main motifs and shapes. With an old-fashioned and stylish frame, for example, a picture of the artist Caspar David Friedrich can be made as if the original had been hung on the wall. For real comic fans, there is always the secret superhero who stands tall and strong on the wall and announces disaster to all those guests who do not bow to the wishes of the host.

In the end it can be said that no one knows exactly where this new poster trend is coming from. One thing is for sure: he hit like a bomb and will not disappear from the German living room that fast.