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Unloaded: This bride does not want to have her parents at her wedding

At my wedding you have NOTHING to look for! A bride now shows how creative you can unload your parents .... (Symbolbild)
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A bride writes an "anti-wedding invitation"

For years she was abused by her parents - now they also want to come to their wedding?!? Too much for this bride and she thinks of a special "projection".

The wedding should be one of the best days in the life of a bride. The Reddit user "SkitzoCat" thinks that too - and therefore does not want to have her parents (!) At her wedding party .

She will not have been astonished when she learned from her grandparents that her parents are waiting for an invitation to their wedding.

Seriously?! These parents who abused her for 16 years until she could not stand it anymore and ran away? And of course these bad parents do not ask their daughter herself how she is doing and if she can come to the wedding. They try to make their way over the grandparents!

No, not with this bride: she is pissed! And her parents earned more than a simple no.

So the Reddit bride writes a juicy "anti-invitation":


"Together with our friends and families want you
Alex and Alyssa
warmly invite you to lick her ass
and basking in our happiness, your bitterness and our mutual irritation about our existence,
while we ignore yours completely and celebrate our wedding without you.
There will be a nice ceremony followed by cake, food and general joy.
And you are not invited to any of this.
Because, fuck you, that's why. "

We would love to see the parents look when they open the envelope, expect an invitation, but receive an invitation!

The bride SkitzoCat reported in an update on Reddit anyway, that her parents had their grandparents aligned meanwhile that their relationship would be finally "incompatible".

The only thing that may have surprised the bride is the late insight.