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Cool Video: commercial for toilet paper conquers the world

Photo: Screenshot YouTube / Emma

No future without paper

Of course, tablets can often replace paper. Dcoh there is one particular product that would absolutely not work as a paperless variant.

This commercial shows it: A tablet can replace many things. The daughter's coloring paper, for example, or the woman's book. The man in the video can not resist showing his wife this again and again. The annoyed wife shows her partner but very clearly that there is at least one object that can only be used if it is made of paper.

With a reproachful "Emma!" In this clever advertising clip, the wife is reminded again and again by her husband that she can easily do without paper. The daughter can also try her painting skills on the tablet. For Sudoku there is a suitable app and the printing of forms is totally old-fashioned!

At some point, however, the bow is overstretched and Emma decides to show her husband that he too is unable to do without paper.

When her husband is just sitting on the toilet and naturally calls for his wife to bring him new toilet paper, she has a special surprise for him. Emma simply pushes her tablet with a picture of a roll of toilet paper under the door!

The commercial, produced by the agency Leo Burnett, promotes the French toilet paper brand Le Trèfle. He plays cleverly with the competition of print and digital and provides a very important argument for the use of paper .

With the abundance of advertising material, it is not surprising that one or the other spot simply rushes past us. But this clip by Carlsberg is a great example of advertising, which leaves a lasting impression.

The commercial for Le Tréfle can be seen directly below.