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Relaxing in a different way: browser games for the woman

Photo: Michael A. Keller / Corbis
  1. Relax with online games
  2. Farm and city simulations: the evergreens
  3. Raise the virtual pet

Relax with online games

You do not care about wellness, sauna and massages, but still want to switch off and hide everything around you? Maybe you should simply relax in front of the computer in such a case: Browser games provide good entertainment in between, require no profound knowledge and run on almost any device. In addition, you just start the Internet browser, navigate to the destination page, log in and get started. If you want to try many different games, you best visit a browser game portal: On you only have to sign up once and then can use the entire offer. This is more useful and clearer than to register individually on the homepage of each provider.

There are certainly enough interesting settings for playing: your own farm wants to be built up and maintained, the city needs new buildings, in the castle troops have to be equipped and moved, etc. F rj nger players is My Caf Katzenberger ", because here you make it like the cult blonde and open your own restaurant in Mallorca.Who knows Ms. Katzenberger, who is from the presentation of the game Do not be surprised: the scenery is in bright colors - especially Pink - and the music seems a bit intrusive, yet behind the fa├žade lies a sophisticated and complex gastronomy simulation, in which you set the screws in Tighten your own restaurant and generate profits, which you then invest in your project to serve more customers, etc.

Farm and town simulations: the evergreens

Uninterrupted popularity still enjoys simulations in which you manage either a farm or a comparable area or determine the destiny of a whole people. Titles like "My Little Farmies" or "My Aqua Zoo" give you the opportunity to build something out of nothing. One of the main features of this browser game is relaxation. Far from the hustle and bustle of life, you can live a quiet life on your own farm: feed the animals, plant fields and sell the harvest. Get your dose of quiet village life and let your mind wander.

The same principle applies to "The Settlers Online" or "Online Online": colonize a continent, or an island world, and build buildings there, plan production chains and produce goods, that your inhabitants need. Everything is very contemplative: the lovingly drawn backgrounds convey a feeling of idyll and security, many details want to be discovered by you and there is always something to do. Sometimes it just makes fun watching the little world work. This aquarium effect accounts for a large part of the fascination of browser games.

Raise the virtual pet

Women and animals this is an often established context. Perhaps that is why many games are aimed at the ladies of the Creation, where they feed one or more animals. Howrse "is a game like this: You look after a horse or a pony, take care of the animal and train it, and as you progress through the game you compete against other breeders, win prizes and build If you are a crawler you should take a look at Be Ants or the offspring Be Bugs. Strateg These are strategy games in which you control Take over an ant or K ferstamm and extend it gradually, which increases not only the number of insects, but also the catchment area.Watery adventures are guaranteed here.

There is the right browser game for every taste. And who knows: Maybe you would like to change your own garden after several trips to the farm. Also browser games can provide the necessary inspiration.