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Incredible: Woman gives birth to baby on hospital parking

No wonder Kristin is exhausted. She just got her baby in a parking lot!
Photo: Screenshot YouTube / Troy Dickerson

Everything happened so fast...

Kristin Dickerson has already passed two births. But the delivery of her third child is still a big surprise.

On 28.06. in the middle of the night at half past one the labor pains at Kristin Dickerson. The mother of two and her husband immediately go to the hospital. The fact that it is already her third child, the couple should actually be prepared for all eventualities. Troy is relaxed and filming all the time with his GoPro camera. Kristin realizes that something is wrong. Everything is much faster than usual. She drives her husband to hurry.

Troy even makes jokes: "We need an escort! Where is the police when you need them?" His wife can not laugh about it anymore. She already suspects that she will not be able to make it to the hospital in time, and emphasizes that again and again. Her husband does not believe that this is actually the case.

When Kristin and Troy finally reach the parking lot of the hospital, it is still believed that the young woman has finally made it. The expectant father wants to take care of his wife's luggage and takes it easy. Kristin should get a wheelchair, but she can not. Pressed, she tells her husband, "You may have to catch our baby." Troy just answers with "OK".

When Kristin screams, "His head is out, " Troy realizes that his wife will not make it to the delivery room in time. At 6:50 the video stops. There are only sounds to hear. But they also tell us a lot.

Kristin actually gets her baby on the hospital parking lot. Troy supports and advises to squeeze his wife. There is no doctor yet, no nurse there. It does not even take two minutes until little Truett sees the light of day in his life. Meanwhile, the hospital staff is also on the spot. Troy cuts the umbilical cord in the parking lot. Then Kristin finally goes to her well-deserved hospital bed.

The mother can not believe that has just happened. Your baby was born in a parking lot!

Even the little Truett is completely exhausted, as this picture shows. But the baby survived the hectic and spectacular birth well.

His parents will probably never forget how he was born. Just like everyone else watching the video below.