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Sarah Ferguson: A tearful confession

Duchess scandal

Is it really just the kind money that Duchess Sarah Furgison drives in front of the TV camera, or is it some kind of profile neurosis? One knows that many people who have once been in the public eye, hard to suffer when suddenly their popularity is in free fall.

That the ex-daughter-in-law of Queen Elizabeth has huge debts, she has repeatedly confessed readily willing. Even in front of cameras and also against Gage, of course. But in England divorced duchess Sarah Ferguson is hardly an issue anymore. In the gazettes, she is usually only when she holds with her eccentric daughters Beatrice and Eugenie as a bizarre trio on Gala's court. For this you have been offering for some time, the US top-Talkerin Oprah Winfrey a platform. Sarah Ferguso n is allowed to spread her soul life on the Internet in America on the Quotenqueen's own channel. And Sarah Ferguson is doing this because it brings a dollar rain and more headlines for her. The latter guarantee new TV appearances and thus additional fees. For Sarah Ferguson bared totally emotionally. No broadcast on Oprah Winfrey without cramps, no self-blame and no criticism of her heartless family environment. Sarah's latest self-realization: "I carry demons in me!" And her tip to the audience: "Follow me, then you can learn from me." What?, Many people probably ask themselves in front of the screens. But such a critique scares the Duchess Sarah Fergusonicht. Rather, she promises, "I'll show you how to free yourself from a dark hole." Sarah Ferguson's words illustrate her words: "After divorcing Prince Andrew, I felt like a wet puddle on the asphalt, but me I managed to reach dry shore ... "

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