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Paris: What we can give now is love

The Eiffel Tower in Paris
Photo: Istock


Sometimes it does not get light even when the sun has risen. Today is such a day.
The evening in Paris casts a long shadow. More than 100 murdered people extinguish the sunlight.

It's black with grief.
It is dark with worry all around me.
I feel my own fear: what is tomorrow? What will happen tomorrow? Where I live?

It is good to note that everyone is taking part. For if everyone takes a share of the pain, the relatives of the dead, the Parisians, we all can carry him better.

The most important thing we can give now is love. I hug the people around me tightly. I shut out everyone who distributes hatred and hate speech today. I try to be so full of love that grief and fear do not turn my heart to stone. I never want to let hate win.

The light that makes this dark day and our hard time brighter again can only come from our hearts.

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