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Pumpkin Place Card

You need this:

Photo: deco & style
  • 1 small, upright ornamental pumpkin (from the florist, from approx. 0.50 €)
  • 1 flower with a straight firm stem (eg scabious or yellow drumstick = Craspedia)
  • green cardboard
  • Eyelet punching set (craft shop)
  • small silver eyelet
  • fine paint pen in white
  • white yarn
  • 1 small pepper vine
  • skewer
  • scissors

It's that easy:

1 Punch the pumpkin with the shish kebab on the top and place the approx. 15 cm long peduncle upright.

2. Cut a 3 cm circle from cardboard and insert the eyelet with the eyelet punch.

3. Write a name on the trailer with paint pen.

4. Fix with twine pendant and peppercorn on the stem just below the flower. Leave ends hanging down slightly and end with a knot at the end.

Tip: If the pumpkin is too hard for a shish kebab, you can also use a fine hand drill or hammer and nail.