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Bucket ListThis 105-year-old wanted a fireman with tattoos for her birthday

Ivena Smailes is a proud 105 years old. And what do you want there?

This 105-year-old wants a fireman as a gift
Photo: youtube

Sure, a sexy firefighter with tattoos. Please what?

Yes really. Ivena wanted a sexy firefighter from the staff in her retirement home on her 105th birthday - but please only one with tattoos . And this sexy fireman actually came. Velvet Birthday Cake AND Tattoos! The hot firefighter got in through the window and even brought along his colleagues. What a great surprise for the old lady!

Ivena, who all know only as "Aunty Ivy", lives in a retirement home in England. She is known for her great sense of humor. And you can tell that especially with her extraordinary birthday present. Because on her personal bucket list was that once in a lifetime she wants to get a birthday cake from a firefighter with tattoos. That can check off Aunty Ivy now!

Diese Omi hat sich einen Feuerwehrmann zum Geburtstag gew├╝nscht
Aunty Ivy has wished for a firefighter's birthday
Photo: youtube

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