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What needs to change # StatusNo: Our answer to World Women's Day

On March 8th is World Women's Day, on March 18th the Equal Pay Day. A reason to enjoy? Do not find Marieke from and Carla from

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March will be celebrated officially and worldwide: On 08.03. takes place for the 107th time World Women's Day, on 18.03. Equal Pay Day points to the unfair pay of women. No reason to be happy, we find. Because: As long as we have such appointments at all, we also have no equal rights. Nevertheless, two good occasions - and to complain again. About Po-Grapscher, stupid startups and victim blaming. Because that does not have to please a woman! In this sense, and initiate the action #StatusNo together on Instagram. A hashtag that shows that we do not resign ourselves to the prevailing status quo. Take a look at our Cosmo and Wunderweib account, where we take a stand and say what annoys us about the current situation.

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Another hashtag like #ausschrei, #metoo and #timesup? Oh yes, because such actions are important. We need them to show how things should not work anymore. But it is not enough to provide a post with a like. There will only be change if we go further and make ourselves heard outside of our circle of friends or the Facebook filter bubble.

But are not we actually much further? Anyone who wants answers to this question will not only find them on social media, but also outside their doorstep. Nowhere is there a shortage of "Come on, come on!" - Situations. The colleagues who find the commentary on the last party photo post on Instagram more appropriate than one on the suggestion made in the meeting shortly before. Jokes at the after-work like "Why are there more women than men in the world? Because it's more to clean than to think about, "just relax. The condescension with which some men explain things that have long been known (or often better). The effort that it always costs to make it clear to a man that "no" does not mean "maybe" and certainly not "yes".

How acutely the condition is, shows also this number: 60 per cent of all German women were already harassed. It is well conceivable that the number of unreported cases is even higher, and more and more women today (just like many men) can no longer differentiate between a compliment and a suggestive comment. So just basic about chauvin pigs and macho men, upset about sexism in everyday life - and then? Talking is silver, silence is gold is not here! Because concretely #StatusNo means : open your mouth! It does not matter if the guy thinks you're a bitch, say, if he comes too close to you. Open your mouth if a spell does not suit you.

My #StatusNo: If a blue disposable razor costs 33 percent less than the same thing in pink. Dear women, recognize your economic power and buy the blue one! And what is your #StatusNo? Tell us and use the hashtag - a joint action of @wunderweib_de and @cosmopolitan_en ???? #worldwomen's day #worldwomensday #pinktax #femaleempowerment #funfearlessfemale #cosmopolitan_en

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You are neither quick-witted nor very confident in conflict situations? Damn! A simple "What's the fuck?" Or "Leave me alone". It is important that you make it clear at all that the situation is not (he) acceptable to you. As long as we tacitly tolerate being harassed because of it

  • funny,
  • socially accepted,
  • not meant that way
  • not so important,
  • but not so bad ...

nothing will change for sure.

#statusno - 50 women in German DAX boards ... with 636 men., , #femaleempowerment #world woman day @cosmopolitan_de #feminism #statusno #statusquo

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So, point 1 for the status change: Mouth open, keep silent so last season!

And anyway, why does this kind of men have such an easy time getting through their hurtful behavior? Because they hold together. Even if one man can not stand another, he throws his dumb spell at him, proving to him that the woman in the club finds the intrusive antics at least as sexy as he does, or even gives him a job as a boss or a promotion. Maybe even more than a woman. Just because man does it just like that.

Would a woman do the same in any case? Or would a woman even be afraid to give another person a job because she might become dangerous to her? Let's be honest with ourselves. Steep thesis, but: We could all be much more successful if we promote each other, support each other, and encourage each other. Then we could focus together on our strengths - our talent for diplomacy, collaboration, empathy.

Point 2 for the status change: Let us hold together, let each other become stronger and conquer the world! We certainly do not mind a pink cotton candy world, but: we're really only strong together.

The goal is equality so that we no longer need such patronizing days like World Women's Day or Equal Pay Day. Delete completely? On the contrary, from the two anticipated appointments, we just make 365 a year for people, women and men alike.

Your Marieke and Carla

PS: Opening your mouth is also possible after you have been in a stupid situation. If you're puzzling because you felt like shit about something, get support! The great people in the telephone chaplain help you and, like the people on the help phone, when you are directly affected by violence.