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Off to the ceiling: Table lamp becomes a ceiling light

Photo: deco & style

New look

This lamp can be a great Christmas gift. We show three different DIY variants. Whichever you like best, just tinker with it.

Together with the right partner, a fancy fabric cable and an extraordinary umbrella decoration, a table lamp shines into the limelight.

In a duo and with stylish fabric cables, the former table lamps come out as a DIY design .

Wall paint, with gray tinted polar white "04.018.04", approx. 25 € / 2.5 l: Beautiful living color. Sofa with fabric cover, approx. 558 €, picture frame, approx. 20 €: Ikea. Side table, approx. 265 €, glass vase, approx. 119 €: Found4you. Carpet, about 1, 150 €: Designers Guild. Coffee table, about 179 €, glass, about 7 €, ceramic vase, about 27 €: the laundry. Cushion cover, approx. 70 €: Bermuda via Photographic Print "Airplane in Cloudy Blue Sky", about 44 €: AllPosters.d

Basis : The simple table lamp seems to be a bit inconspicuous in the truest sense of the word. But at second glance, there is more in her too. Time for a new destination ...

That's how it works:

What do you need:

  • two equal-sized lampshades; similar to: "Diana", 16 x 18 (above) x 14 cm (below), each about 37 €,
  • Lamp holder with cable (eg "NudCollection", various colors, approx. 36 €, Connox)
  • white textile adhesive tape (eg "PerfectGewebeband extra power", about 4 € / roll, Tesa about craft supplies) or fixation plaster with serrated edges ("Hansaplast sensitive", about 4 € / roll, pharmacy)
  • scissors


1. Screw the lamp holder to one of the two lampshades . Its narrow opening points down.

2. Pass the lamp cable through the frame of the second (later upper) lampshade. Its narrow opening points upwards.

3. Carefully glue the two lampshades together with white textile tape flush to the respective wide opening.

4. Hang the lamp on the ceiling and connect to the power cable.

Idea 1: Lamp with wool thread

Fix the beginning of the thread on the inside of the upper edge of the screen with hot glue. Wrap shield on tension. thread end
Stick down on the inside. For a colorful look, use wool in several colors.

Idea 2: Lamp with masking tape

One or more sides of the lampshade vertical with flush stripe Masking Tape (available in plain or white)
patterned). Then decorate all edges with more decorative adhesive tape.

Idea 3: Lamp with gradient

Paint the shade on the edge about one centimeter wide with ink, tinting or wall paint. Then dilute the paint in a bowl with water and apply with a bristle brush so that it runs. Maybe repeat.