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Energy Centers of the BodyChakra Stones: Meaning and Examples

You may have heard of chakras before. But what are chakra stones? We'll explain it to you - and show you beautiful examples that you can shop directly.

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If you have not had anything to do with the topic yet, let's just say one explanation: The word chakra is used in various esoteric teachings, in yoga and also in tantra, for example, and refers to energy centers of the human body. These should be activated and made to flow through, among other things, certain exercises and touches, such as yoga exercises or a tantric massage. But there are also products and aids that are supposed to positively affect your chakra - including chakra stones.

Chakra stones - two examples

You can also buy chakra stones "pure". Mostly, however, they are processed, for example for jewelry or decorative home accessories. Here are two beautiful examples and find out what they mean.

Product : rose quartz candle holder

Rose Quartz is also credited with the ability to help with insomnia
Photo: Happinez

A beautiful and very typical chakra healing stone is the rose quartz. He should, if you are dealing with the esoteric teachings, help to open the heart chakra or strengthen your own ability to love. For example, when it is difficult to allow love or even when someone wants to love themselves more. Rose Quartz is also credited with the ability to help with sleep disorders. If the stone is effective on you as well, you should try it out. Just place the rose quartz candle holder near your bed.

Here you will find the rose quartz candle holder

The facts:

  • Rose quartz candle holder
  • Material: 100 percent rose quartz
  • Size: 9 x 10 inches wide and deep, 5-6 inches high

Product : Charm Pendant III

Use chakra stones to positively influence the chakra
Photo: Happinez

Seven gems are threaded in a row and each represent one of the seven main chakras. The pendant created in this way is one of four charm pendants III, which can be attached to the matching necklace or bracelet.

Here you will find the charm pendant III

The facts

  • Chakra pendant with seven chakra gemstones
  • 5 inches long
  • Pendant can be worn on the charm bracelet or on the charm chain

Which chakra stone for which chakra?

As you can read here in more detail (internal link to Chakra jewelry): There are seven main chakras. They all hang together, but at the same time each stand alone for individual areas in the human being. Accordingly, there are also healing stones, which have an effect on specific energy centers. The special stones often come in the color that is also assigned to the chakra.

For healing and / or strengthening the individual chakras, you can use these gems, for example:

Root Chakra :

The root or muladhara chakra is assigned the color red. Matching stones are light to dark red, such as:

  • garnet
  • ruby
  • red coral
  • red jasper
  • Fire opal
  • red agate

Sacral Chakra :

Orange is the color of the sacral or svadhisthana chakra. The associated stones include:

  • Amber
  • Carnelian
  • orange moonstone

Solar Plexus Chakra :

The solar plexus or manipura chakra bears the color yellow. Suitable for this are, for example:

  • Tigereye
  • Orangencalcit
  • yellow tourmaline
  • citrine

Heart Chakra :

The heart or anahata chakra is shown in green, partly in pink. The accompanying healing stones are, among others:

  • sapphire
  • Aventurine
  • jade
  • moss agate
  • Peridot
  • emerald
  • Rose quartz
  • malachite
  • green tourmaline

Throat Chakra :

The throat or Vishuddha chakra is light blue. Matching stones are:

  • aquamarine
  • Chalcedon
  • Chrysokoll
  • Larimar
  • apatite
  • light blue topaz

Third Eye Chakra:

The third eye, forehead or ajna chakra is marked with the color blue, sometimes with violet. Accordingly, the range of healing stones ranges from dark blue to dark violet. These healing stones fit the chakra of the third eye:

  • lapis lazuli
  • azurite
  • sapphire
  • violet fluorite

Crown Chakra :

Violet is the color of the crown or Sahasrara chakra, partly it is simply displayed transparently. Healing stones for the crown chakra are for example:

  • amethyst
  • Herkimer Diamonds
  • rock crystal
  • violet flourite

Chakra Stones: Much more than just spiritual jewelry

The various chakra stones hang many Chakra-interested in the form of chains around the neck, wear it as a ring on the finger, as a stone or pendant on the ear or as part of the bracelet. Not only is this effective for curing the various blocked chakras, it also looks pretty. But even in the apartment, they can be distributed, for example as individual stones or with practical functions such as as part of a lamp or as a small or even large candlesticks. For example, some people use it to keep negative energy from their own homes.

Even with alternative treatments such as Reiki chakra stones are used with pleasure. Sometimes they are placed directly on the body and, if possible, directly at the level of the corresponding energy center in order to enhance the effect of the treatment.

You see, there are many uses for chakra stones. Like stones. Because in addition to the targeted selection, you can choose from numerous other, individual criteria. Would you like a gemstone for your zodiac sign or a healing stone that will help you to better protect your boundaries or open yourself to others? In the huge world of healing stones, you are guaranteed to find something.

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