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Up to - 25 degrees: Now winter brings out the ultimate blow!

At the weekend comes again a lot of fresh snow
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In southern Germany and at high altitudes it gets really cold: Up to - 25 degrees are expected

Winter is far from over. On the contrary: At the weekend, winter brings out the ultimate blow again. Deep "Emma" brings us minus temperatures and fresh snow. At southern altitudes it can get cold to -25 degrees.

According to the German Weather Service, snow drifts occur in the southern mountains. Especially in the south of Germany there is also a strong night frost. In the Black Forest, it can snow during the night on Saturday. The snowfall in the south will move towards the edge of the Alps during the weekend.

In the west, below the 200-meter boundary, there is mainly rain or sleet. The lowest temperatures in the west are around - 3 degrees. In the mountains at around - 6 degrees.

In the north there are freezing conditions in many places. Snow falls but little. At temperatures usually 0 to - 5 degrees it can be very smooth. On Saturday is expected with short snow showers and thunderstorms. Otherwise, it remains largely dry.

It is already snowing in the east of Germany on friday. A small low over northern Hesse provides clouds and precipitation in the east. At temperatures around the freezing point, this can also come down as snow.

Also in the coming week it stays cold. The German Weather Service reports: - 7 to -1 degrees in Germany. The maximum temperatures of the coming week are a maximum of 2 degrees.

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