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What we can learn from children

Enjoy the moment - nibble, without thinking about tomorrow
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  1. Curiosity, courage, happiness
  2. 1. happiness wins
  3. 2. Stay curious
  4. 3. Why not play again?
  5. 4. Do not be afraid of failure
  6. 5. More courage to risk
  7. 6. Enjoy the moment

Curiosity, courage, happiness

Children look at the important things in adult life. But it is also the other way around: these qualities can teach us the little ones ...

1. happiness wins

They are silly, nonsense and like to be tickled: no wonder that children laugh up to 400 times a day - adults only make it to 15 times. Laughter is not only healthy, it also connects.

Tip: be aware of the laughter of others, be happy about small things and surround yourself with people who see life from the easy side.

2. Stay curious

Why is the sky blue, and why can birds fly? Children ask a thousand questions, want to know everything very well. Too bad that this interest in adults is decreasing.

But that can be changed: do not be afraid to question things and learn new things. Finally, the vernacular also knows: "Stupid questions do not exist!"

3. Why not play again?

Whether with sand, Lego bricks or dolls: children like to play for their lives. But with age, other things become more important.

There are good reasons to try out the cards or "Monopoly" again: playing promotes ideas, lets us search for new solutions to problems and thus awakens our creativity. It also brings fun and strengthens the contacts with our fellow human beings. High time to invite friends and family to a game night!

4. Do not be afraid of failure

Until a child makes his first steps, it falls on the nose countless times. But that does not stop there: It may cry a short while, but after that it starts a new attempt. Do it the same way!

If the first jogging session was more exhausting than you thought or the application was unsuccessful, do not be discouraged - it does not all work out right away.

5. More courage to risk

You must have done something daring earlier as a child. B. the highest tree in the garden climbs. Of course, you were afraid to fall off, but remember the pride and relief when you reached the crown?

Remember, the next time you hesitate. Sometimes it pays to risk your own dreams and goals.

6. Enjoy the moment

Children often forget everything around them, experiencing moments of absolute happiness. You want that too? Then say goodbye to multitasking - the ability to handle multiple tasks in parallel. Instead, find a job that you enjoy and concentrate fully on it. Soon you will realize that you have completely forgotten the time when knitting, painting or reading. What a wonderful feeling!


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