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Roman Weidenfeller: Family planned with girlfriend Lisa Rossenbach

Roman Weidenfeller girlfriend

It sounds like the petty girl dream par excellence: Unknown beauty meets world star at autograph date and then it's "boom". Something similar was the case with Roman Weidenfeller and his girlfriend Lisa Rossenbach.

Roman Weidenfeller girlfriend
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The two are so in love three years after getting to know each other, that soon wedding and children are pending. We reveal all about the sexy blonde among the player women Roman Weidenfeller herself says: "It makes me happy when she's around me."

Oh, did not we all dream that we'd meet Brad Pitt on an autograph session and that he'd suddenly fall in love with us? Ok, Roman Weidenfeller is not Brad Pitt, but still one of the most attractive men in the DFB squad. And Lisa Rossenbach did exactly that: to realize this dream. In early October 2010, she made her way to the VIP box of Borussia Dortmund to take a photo with the goalkeeper. Well, of course, it's easier if your own dad owns this box. Whether Lisa previously swarmed for Roman, is not known. But the spontaneous snapshot was followed by a regular exchange via Facebook (yes, this medium is therefore still to fall in love!). Three weeks later, Roman Weidenfeller and Lisa Rossenbach were officially a couple.

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And those are the graduated business studies and the current number two in the German Tor still. In an interview with "Bunte", Roman Weidenfeller confessed in May 2014: "What is certain is that I want to start a family with Lisa. We love each other for over three years, it fits me perfectly. (...) We are currently building a house, Lisa takes a lot of work and responsibility from me. When I come home, we enjoy the evenings with our dog Charlie. Often we ride bicycles, or just go for a long walk. "Sounds pretty idyllic and surprisingly normal. Because from the outside, you could think Lisa Rossenbach quite superficial.

Roman Weidenfeller: Girlfriend Lisa Rossenbach staged on Instagram

For example, her sexy promotional event for Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2012 caused a stir. At that time she advertised in high heels and hot pants for the new BVB jersey. The cheeky sayings like "For Schalker applies as always: Just look, do not touch" were not so agreed, Roman Weidenfeller told the magazine "Bunte". Nevertheless, the posters would have liked him, he admitted. And Lisa Rossenbach took advantage of the newfound attention to promote strongly on Instagram since then. Sympathetic: At @lisashine, however, she not only spreads her glamorous player-woman life there (vacation in Miami, glamor event in Ibiza, jet skiing in the Maldives), but also gives her a very personal insight. Whether the sister, new nail art, her dogs, favorite cosmetics or a stink-normal cuddly photo with her sweetheart - on Instagram you can learn a lot about Lisa Rossenbach.

Roman Weidenfeller with girlfriend Lisa Rossenbach in Dortmund happy

It was already clear to Roman Weidenfeller that he would not risk his relationship for the career. A change to another club for - maybe - more money and more reputation? In 2012, he confessed in an interview with "Spox": "Maybe one could have made better financially there, but the sporting incentive is rather limited. Add to that the feel-good factor that I have in Dortmund. I live here with my girlfriend, have close friends and a short way to family. The economic situation is not everything in life. "Applause for so much down-to-earthness. And there will be no lack of the necessary change for the common home. We are very curious, if after the World Cup in Brazil finally ring the wedding bells ...

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