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Interview! On talent search with "This is Jane Wayne"

As part of the first "Audi Fashion Award"

They are two of the most successful and talented fashion bloggers in Germany. On this is Jane Wayne, Sarah Gottschalk and Nike van Dinther write about snapshots, emotions, head cinema, their lifestyle and just fashion and design. Precisely for this reason, a car giant selected the two to sit in the jury of the first "Audi Fashion Awards" in Hamburg and judge the young talents of the nation. Pretty exciting! For us, the successful ladies still took their time: Sarah and Nike on young designers, inspiration and personal favorites.

How did you find the works?

Nike and Sarah from "This is Jane Wayne" : We had to work through a lot of ideas in the beginning. Everyone was good in their own way, so it was not easy to pick. You often tend to focus on the included drawings, which is a pity - because often we were more impressed by the concept behind it.

Did you give the finalists advice?

Nike and Sarah: We did not have a chance to do that. We are also not sure if the designers would have enjoyed it. Honestly, we would not have wanted that ourselves. After all, we are not the designers - we can only express our opinion on this.

What makes a successful collection?

Nike and Sarah: There are very different perspectives. You can evaluate a collection quite objectively or just with a lot of feeling and imagination. There are those who are simply beautiful, but not particularly inspiring or even avant-garde. And just those who knot your thoughts at the mere viewing, but rarely fit into everyday life. The question also arises: Do I regard the collection as consumer goods or as art? For us as buyers, collections are successful if they bear a signature, if they are different from anything we have seen before, without drifting into the absurd. Or, if we would like to bag everything ourselves, then here we would be on the emotional level. It is important that you leave the potential customers free space for their own ideas - if an outfit works only in the complete look, then lacks the attraction of the matter.

What else do you need besides the passion to make a career as a young designer?

Nike and Sarah: Courage. Future fears must be pushed aside, which blocks. And trust. But most important is actually perseverance. You have to endure a lot of stress, both psychologically and physically. But what is also indispensable: to be something like an "Artistic Mind". You have to have that in yourself, somehow. Simply saying, "I want to become a fashion designer because it's cool, " is a pretty hopeless endeavor.

How can designers already know what we want to wear next season?

Nike: In a way, the bunny runs the other way around: The designers tell us what we want to wear next season. The designers in turn are kissed by the muse called society - that includes everything: art, architecture, economics, politics, quite a lot of music and also media. If you look at the big picture and then add secret, small tendencies, which are determined by so-called "Opinion leaders", then you can relatively well conclude what we expect in the coming season. The most prominent example at present is the series "Mad Man" - and suddenly the 20s were back.

Sarah: Absolutely. Or "The Great Gatsby", which will be released in cinemas in January and designed for the Miuccia Prada movie costumes. It goes much hand in hand, as Nike has described, and it is always nice when it finds expression in the collections. An all-round view is therefore more than important and of course a natural evolution of current trends: what was, what is, what we can not see and what may come again!

Although people could carry everything, they often opt for the same thing. What do you most like to wear?

Nike: Pretty big, wide, long sweaters, for example in egg-shape . These tight pants and Dr. Martens.

Sarah: I keep catching up with black and admonishing myself now and then to keep my hands off it. Safe number currently: longer blouse, jumper, jeans and plateaus.

The Janes as designers. What would you like to wear for women?

Sarah: If I had the talent, I would design simple and clean pieces that would like to be favorites. Timeless classics that simply do not want to pass away. Scandinavian minimalism and expressive color nuances that vary season after season and take in contemporary influences here and there, such as sequins and glitter inspired by the '20s or striking prints, such as the popular 90s.

Nike: If I were a designer, then I would probably have a big decision problem. Since my teenage years, I like the style of the '90s, which went hand in hand with the "Riot Grrrls" and bands like "Bikini Kill", "Hole" and "L7". My luck, that suddenly somehow got into fashion again. But that's how I like to dress. For others, I would serve a collection full of daredevil, fantastic sweaters, without much frills. One can hardly believe it: But it does not happen often that I fall in love with a sweater . Either the color is not right, or the pattern, or the type of knit pattern.