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Angela Merkel: Your unknown past

Even Angela Merkel was once young and shy - hard to believe!
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Cherry whiskey, comforting peanuts and anxiety in the disco

Chancellor Angela Merkel (63) herself admitted in a now rediscovered interview: "I got dumped out of a boat. That was at night, four o'clock in the morning, after the graduation ceremony. I was 18 at the time and had drunk too much of the cherry whiskey. Then suddenly I had a misfire - and washed, I was in the water. "

Who would have thought of the always correct politician Angela Merkel . She keeps on chatting: "On Feten, I was so sad that I could not get into the music. I have always been the girl who eats peanuts and does not dance. "

Angela Merkel also admits her love for unhealthy food. "I spent my first 4.50 Westmark for a good kebab, because I'm a big friend of it!"

Negatively, Angela Merkel remembers a visit to a disco. "The music was loud, as a teenager scolded politicians." Merkel was at that time Youth Minister. "Then I thought: Immediately you get one on the turnip!"

Gorgeous - Angela Merkel was also young ...