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Bornholm - Mediterranean feeling in Germany's northern neighbor

The contemplative capital Rönne
Photo: Destination Bornholm

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Denmark's place in the sun: a climate as in the south, beaches as in the Caribbean, but as relaxed and restful as Scandinavia!

Mild climate, cute little towns and beautiful nature: that's Bornholm! Hard to believe what this island has to offer! In the south are beautiful white sandy beaches. The north and northwest coasts, on the other hand, are characterized by steep cliffs and rugged cliffs like Jon's chapel. And in the center of the island grows the primeval forest Almindingen, the third largest forest area in Denmark. There are sweet villages scattered around the island and lovely little towns. No house may be higher than two floors here. Only defiant lighthouses tower higher.

Bornholm, almost 40 kilometers long and 30 kilometers wide, is as varied as no other Baltic island. Almost 80 kilometers northeast of Rügen, the 43, 000 inhabitants are spoiled by a particularly mild climate. No wonder many tourists spend their days each year sunbathing, hiking or cycling.

Most of us land in Bornholm's capital, Rönne. There lies the harbor for the big ferries. And the cute little town with its yellow and red half-timbered houses and the cobblestones is the ideal entry point for the island.

First we go for a long stroll through the old town, eat our first Danish hotdog on the way and buy fresh fruit, vegetables and fish at the colorful weekly market. The supplies we take with us in our house, which is not far from the beautiful beach of Dueodde. Like most of the cottages here, it's made of wood, has a cozy fireplace, a sauna and you're right in the sand outside.

In the many sunshine but we need neither fireplace nor sauna, but especially the beach. We lie there for hours, for a change we slide into the water or go looking for amber. Again and again we find small and larger splinters and feel like real gold diggers.

For a change, we make many bike rides on the well-developed trails. The landscape gently rolls and we even discover fig and mulberry trees that thrive in the mild climate. Of course we also visit Bornholm's most important sight: the castle ruins Hammershus on the northern tip, the largest castle in Northern Europe. From the fabled walls, where princesses were imprisoned and many rulers went in and out, you can look all the way to Sweden.

That's how the days go by. Burnt brown and relaxed, we wave back from the ferry: "Goodbye, Bornholm!"

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