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Do not tell my daughter that I am in heaven!

Heather McManamy loved life and had to die too soon
Photo: Facebook

Farewell letter of a young mother

Heather McManamy died of breast cancer at just 36 years old. The fun-loving mother has said goodbye to the world in a very special way.

Heather McManamy is dead. She died of a breast cancer at just 36 years old. Remains behind her husband Jeff and her four-year-old daughter Brianna. On Facebook, Jeff now shared the touching farewell letter of his deceased wife, who is a tribute to her life, which was filled to the very end of love and joy.

The letter begins with the words, "I have good news and bad news, the bad news is I'm dead. The good, it's not you." No matter how bad the past few weeks, Heather was incredibly grateful to have led a life so full of love. She was grateful for her friendships and did not regret a single second of her life. "I love you all, a thousand thanks for my wonderful life!"

She has one last wish

"I'm not religious, so please, please do not tell my daughter that I'm in heaven now, because in her mind, that would mean I left her to live in a better place without her." But in truth, Heather did everything possible to stay with her daughter and her husband. "I loved nothing more than being a mum, I'm not in heaven, I'm here, only my sick body has died, but not my soul, I'll always be with you!"

She felt incredibly blessed to spend more than a decade with Jeff, the love of her life. " There is true love and one soulmate in life, even on the worst days we have found a way to laugh together, because holy shit, we had a breathtaking life!"

In the end, Heather turns to her friends: "Celebrate your life instead of mourning my death!" Instead of a sad funeral she asks her friends to throw a huge party for them. "I expect a drink bill that would make me proud, I will find a way to be there." In Heather's eyes, it's not a farewell, but rather a "See you soon".

It is the moving farewell letter of a young mother who in the end is not bitter because she had to go much too soon, but is grateful that she was allowed to lead a fulfilling, albeit short, life!

Hello all, I am writing this on behalf of the love of my life. These are her words. Much love to all. - Jeff ...

Posted by Heather McManamy on Tuesday, December 15, 2015