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Whitney Houston disappointed her fans

Hust, cough, Houston

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Whitney Houston / ©

The debacle around Whitney Houston does not stop. Collapse after her first concert and a rage at the airport - the Diva caused in recent days for violent headlines. Also last night, Whitney Houston was again something for the best, but here are headlines meant and not her voice talent. More disappointed fans left yesterday's concert in Brisbane, Australia. According to reports, Whitney often coughed and was completely out of breath after a few bars. Madame Houston, or should we call her Madame Husten right now, was vocally so exhausted that after only two songs she had to take the first break. Then, after some waiting, there were another six songs. Whitney's harsh and tired voice seemed to please only a few listeners. While I always want to love you, she continued to pant athletically. Cough syrup complacent? No, the superstar grabbed the water bottle instead and paused again, this time directly on stage. Whitney Houston washed her face with the cool water as if it was the most normal thing in the world. In a huff, she continued to sing, then at some point pushed the micro into her brother Gary's hand, taking over seamlessly. "Did I land here on trial?" A fan asked sadly, "so I did not imagine the concert of a world star." But a hard-hitting fan closes one eye, instead enjoys the Backup Singer and hopes for better times.