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What your zodiac really says about you

Horoscopes are only for crazy geek freaks? No matter! We love it when we are promised great luck.
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  1. "Which star sign are you?"
  2. Typically your star sign!
  3. Zodiac family
  4. Why do we believe in zodiacs?

"Which star sign are you?"

Crabs are sensitive, twins extroverted. Why we know so well about zodiac signs. And how it affects us when we meet new people.

When we discover our horoscope, we can not help it: we have to read it. And the same with our partner . And when we meet new people, we quickly find out which star sign we're dealing with ("... let me guess, you're definitely Aries!"). Why do we like to talk about astrology?

Typically your star sign!

We can thus better assess our counterpart. Precisely because it is so much fun to read our horoscope and talk shop about the influence of zodiac signs on the personality, we know very well about the characteristics and quirks of the individual constellations. Fish are sensitive, virgins conscientious and scales harmonious.

If someone tells us his star sign, we automatically award sympathy points: "We think we know someone when he tells us his star sign, because that is supposed to give us some of his qualities, " says Edgar Wunder from the Gesellschaft für Anomalistik. And: "Later, we only notice when the one who is typical for his star sign behaves - the rest we hide."

Zodiac family

By the way, if we meet someone with the same sign of the zodiac, we'll end up with the biggest sympathy hit. "We have this basic need to place ourselves somewhere, and that is exactly what our stars allow us to do: we get a kind of zodiac sign, so to speak, " explains psychologist Erich Bauer . Clear that we find our astrological "family members" the nicest.

Why do we even believe in zodiac signs?

Scientifically sound is not the star interpretation. But we do not need scientific proof that there is something in our horoscope. Too much we are amazed that we are truly as freedom-loving, stubborn, and adventurous as our zodiac has intended for us. And yes, we know that horoscopes are also often used because they are very general. Astrologers like to use timeless truths and vague terms like "chance" or "challenge".

Incidentally, this phenomenon is called the "Barnum Effect". It is named after the US circus director Phineas T. Barnum, who had vowed to offer "a little something for everyone" with his program. In fact, we are more and more in agreement with the statements the more we want to get involved.

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