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Evan Rachel Wood can be photographed head-on nude

For Flaunt Magazine and Ellen von Unwerth, Evan Rachel Wood dropped all envelopes

Evan Rachel Wood, Courtesy of Flaunt Magazine

She has never been considered conservative or jammed and already shocked with her bisexuality. And although Evan Rachel Wood has become engaged, she still does not seem to want to make a good wife. Shortly after she was put on a ring by British actor Jamie Bell, the "The Ides of March" actress pulled all the stops and dropped all covers for a photo spread of the "Flaunt" magazine. Ivan Rachel Wood has nothing to hide and admired her photographerStar photographer Ellen von Unwerth was allowed to photograph the blonde in provocative poses. In the boudoir-style pictures she shows tattoos and a lot of bare skin. Above all, a shot shocked to see Evan Rachel Wood head-on topless. She tweeted cheerfully, "I love the new 'Flaunt' photos. Such a cool picture gallery. And if I show up to anyone for anything, then it must be Ellen von Unwerth. I have nothing to hide, and I adore her. "Understandable, because her new pictures are also really aggravated, are not they?