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So beautiful: the sky over Tenerife

These beautiful pictures of our Milky Way have been taken by a photographer from Norway in Spain.
Photo: TSO Photography

This video from TSOPhotography is made to dream

This video shows how incredibly beautiful our earth and the sky are. You will never forget these pictures of Tenerife again.

Stars, clouds, the glowing sea ... For seven days, the Norwegian photographer TSOPhotography filmed the sky over the highest mountain in Spain, El Teide. His shots are beautiful and touch us deeply.

" My goal was to capture the incredible beautiful Milky Way, along with one of the most impressive mountains I know, El Teide, I have to say, this was one of the most mesmerizing trips I've ever made, " says the photographer. He is currently traveling around the world to make his first own film. We are so excited about his next work!

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