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It's that easy: Natural cosmetics and teas from the garden

We conjure cosmetics and soothing teas with herbs from the garden.
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Natural beauties

Plants give us everything we need to relax: From self-harvested herbs and flowers can be easily produce natural cosmetics and tea.

Nourishing bath salt

A hot bath of sage and lavender relaxes the muscles, nourishes the skin and calms the mind after a stressful day. Add 3 tablespoons of dried lavender flowers and 2 tablespoons of dried sage leaves from your own cultivation to the mortar. Mix with 1 cup of sea salt, 1 cup of basic mineral salt (about 4 €, P. Jentschura on and 10-20 drops of lavender oil. Fill in a sealable glass.

Purifying rose water

For a radiant complexion and fine pores: pluck leaves from 4 scented roses, remove white leaves. Cover with 0.75 l of boiling water, infuse for one hour. Strain, allow to cool and place in a dark bottle for protection from light and for longer shelf life. If you want, add a few drops of witch hazel extract (pharmacy). It prevents redness and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Aromatic tea blend

Beauty comes from inside: For a pot "Gartenglück" 8 teaspoons dried chamomile, 4 teaspoons dried nettle, 4 teaspoons dried mint, 4 teaspoons dried sage and dried pieces of an apple with 60-80 degrees hot water pour over, let draw about 10 minutes, strain and enjoy in peace.

Revitalizing face mask

Cucumbers contain a lot of valuable minerals, vitamins and enzymes that are responsible for the cell renewal of our skin. A cucumber mask therefore works wonders for stressed skin and swollen eyes. Simply mix 1 teaspoon finely grated cucumber with peel, 1 teaspoon matcha powder (100 g, approx. 13 €, and 1 tsp chopped mint. Apply evenly to face, wash with lukewarm water after 10 minutes.

Invigorating massage oil

Massages are perfect for relaxing after gardening. The fragrance potpourri of this oil vitalises and stimulates the senses. For a bottle of 100 ml of almond oil, mix 3 drops of lemon and rosemary oil, 2 drops of eucalyptus oil (all from the pharmacy) and 3 drops of thyme oil. Incidentally, the latter can also be easily produced by yourself. You will need a portion of dried thyme and two parts of vegetable oil. Heat the oil, let herbs simmer for 30 minutes, stir occasionally. Then pour everything through a sieve. If you want, add a sprig of rosemary to the embellishment after mixing the oils.

Soothing foot bath

With this relaxing bath, your overworked feet will be light and fresh again after a few minutes. The skin also gets nice and soft. Add 1 tbsp dried rose petals, 1 tbsp dried chamomile, 1 tbsp dried mint, 1 tbsp dried rosemary needles and 1 tbsp dried ribwort plantain to the warm foot bath.