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The HamamtuchPractical towel with a lot of tradition

There is a lot of Turkish tradition behind a hammam towel, but here too we love it very much. These two we find especially beautiful!

With a hammam towel we get a piece of Turkish tradition home.
Photo: Happinez

A hammam towel is a handwoven, feather-light cotton towel, originally from Turkey and known there under the name Pestemal . The special weaving technique is passed on from generation to generation. Traditionally, hammam towels are made on special looms and knotted by hand. Meanwhile, the hammam towel has long since left the Turkish steam baths, established itself as an it-piece and also enjoys great popularity with stars in Malibu and Saint-Tropez.

They can be so beautiful

Although hammam towels have a predominantly functional background and are primarily used as towels, but who simply needs something to dry off, will hardly resort to such a great, elaborately manufactured and historic product . So the optics should suit both you and the decor of your bathroom.

The great thing about a hammam towel is that it gets more beautiful with age . Here are two beautiful models with tasteful design.

Hammam towel made of linen

Hier könnt ihr traditionelle Hamamtücher kaufen
This hammam towel is simple and fits in many bathrooms.
Photo: Happinez

This beautiful hammam towel consists of 50 percent linen and cotton . The simple design in soft ecru is available with gray or white stripes and arouses the desire to travel to oriental countries.

At the ends are knotted fringes . Since the hammam towel dries very quickly and is light as a feather, it is ideal as a swim companion for the beach or pool, but also serves as an ideal fitness blanket, as a sauna towel or for training in the gym.

All facts at a glance:

  • 50% linen, 50% cotton
  • Color: gray and white
  • Sizes: 170 x 85 or 170 x 97 centimeters

This hammam towel can be found in the Happinez shop

Hammam towel with eternal knot

Schöne Hamamtücher
The hammam towel with endless knots carries a special meaning.
Photo: Happinez

The generous cotton towels are particularly lightweight and are ideal for transportation and all occasions. Both you and the cloth dry much faster than traditional terrycloth . The simply designed cloth is available in brown and white .

The end of this oriental jewel is decorated with an endless knot . Although the symbol originally comes from Buddhism and not from the oriental area, who would not like to have a symbol with such a beautiful meaning on its hammam towel? The endless knot stands for love, friendship, the interweaving of wisdom and passion and their unity in enlightenment.

All facts at a glance:

  • 100% cotton
  • Color: brown and white
  • Size: 170 x 100 centimeters

In the Happinez shop there is the hammam towel