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New Year's Eve TraditionSlowing: The Interpretation of the Figurines

When pouring lead, we learn more about our future: Will I stay healthy? Can I find a new love? Is there more money? As you interpret the figures correctly, we tell you here.

What will the future bring? You will find out about this when pouring lead.
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  1. What does the new year bring? Lead casting should reveal more!
  2. Waxing as an alternative
  3. This is how lead pouring and wax casting work
  4. Lead pouring: The interpretation of the most common and important symbols

What does the new year bring? Lead casting should reveal more!

Fireworks, bells ringing, glasses clinking - when the old year comes and a new one comes, people have always been inventive. For a glimpse into the future, fortune tellers and cartographers will be consulted, smoked rituals will be organized and read in coffee grounds. But probably the best known and most widely used oracle usage on New Year's Eve is the lead casting.

But this custom of pouring lead rather a whim - in the 15th century. At that time, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. Day after day, his employees worked with lead, from which the letters were cast. Because the heavy metal is easy to melt and quickly freezes in cold water, the printers like to take home lead scraps. There they made a joke of pouring out of the remainders random figures and then together with them friends and holiday guests to interpret.

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Waxing as an alternative

Unfortunately, the traditional lead casting has been banned since 2018 and no more sets may be sold. But instead of lead you can also use wax - the interpretation of the random figures remains the same.

This is how lead pouring and wax casting work

If you still have some old lead-casting sets at home, you can still use them. Otherwise, you look in the trade for sets for waxing or use it for old candle remains. In addition, you only need a refractory spoon, a candle and a bowl of cold water.

You're ready to start: just put the lead or wax on a spoon, melt it over the candle flame - and then pour it into the water with swinging momentum.

Then hold the resulting figure in the candlelight so that it casts a shadow. And this silhouette of the figure is interpreted in a common round.

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Lead pouring: The interpretation of the most common and important symbols

Anker: He means help in need. Someone or something will help solve your problems.

Ball: Happiness rolls up. A sign for all plans that are realized.

Bee: Fast action leads to success.

Blatt: You will go your way.

Blume : She promises new friendships. Maybe the big love is under it.

Glasses : This symbol promises a high age, good health and wisdom.

Triangle : Your finances will improve significantly. Unexpected money is in the house.

Fish: Prosperity and Wealth: The money will flow, the business goes well.

Bottle: Much conviviality and joy will be around you. And you will succeed.

Bell: Good news: Watch out for minor incidents. Or do you expect children?

Hammer: Firm grab ensures success.

Heart: You will fall in love.

Wreaths and rings: You will marry.

Cross: Next year, you will face difficulties or illness.

Dragonfly: You have many worshipers, you experience tender hours.

Mouse: Attention: Someone might cheat you. Watch your money.

Nagel: A wish comes true. Now is the time to make your dreams come true.

Cat / Jaguar: Change the fronts quickly - maybe in the job too.

Schere : You will have to make an important decision. But you will not suffer any hardship.

Ship: This symbol represents a holiday trip - or a journey into a new future.

Serpent : Caution: There may be people around you who are jealous of you.

Spider: Your luck is literally hanging by the thread. Be vigilant and not too good-faith.

Star (s): Next year you are the lucky child, whether love, profession or finances. Everything runs like clockwork.

Root: something consolidates. This can be, for example, the partnership or fluctuating financial circumstances

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