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Colin Firth: "My wife makes sure I do not take off

He plays the stuttering father of the Queen

It is the role of his life: As stuttering King George VI, father of Queen Elizabeth (84), the Briton Colin Firth earned the Oscar - the jury awarded him as the best male lead actor.

The movie begins in the 1920s, a tumultuous period in British history, when the king was called just "Bertie" ... Colin Firth: Exactly. Then events break down and Bertie, despite his fear, has to ascend the throne. Shortly after his coronation, he has to address his probably most important radio address to his people - that England declares war on Nazi Germany. She as a stuttering king, a stark contrast. Finally, in England, you're considered a sex symbol ... Colin Firth: Do not you think I'm too old at 50? I assume that my profession brings this attention. I am just glad that I did not have this image at the beginning of my career at the age of 35. That sounds like 35 was a turning point for you. Colin Firth: That's it. 15 years ago I met my wife Livia. She makes sure that I do not lift off. How did you meet each other? Colin Firth: My wife is a film producer. We got to know each other while filming a TV series in Colombia. It was love at first sight.

Your wife is from Italy. What is so fascinating about this country? Colin Firth: His sense of tradition. When I met my wife, I really had to woo her for a long time (two years). I had to introduce myself formally to her father. Until then, I had never met a 26-year-old woman who was still living with her parents. And I find it also an interesting contradiction that people ignore basic traffic rules but are so sophisticated and exactly at the table. My father-in-law was always horrified when I put pasta and meat on the same plate. Was not he out of his mind when he saw you for the first time and learned that you were a sex symbol? Colin Firth: As traditional and conservative as the Italians may be, they seem to take it a bit looser. The family burst out laughing as I half pointed out in a joke that I'm something of a sex god at home.

From your five-year relationship with actress Meg Tilly you have one son (William, 20) and two sons with your wife Livia (Luca, 9, and Matteo, 7). Is paternity different at the second attempt than the first time? Colin Firth: I was 30 when I got William, and I still felt too young for that. I still had not quite overcome that I was no longer eighteen, and having a baby changed life dramatically. The second time I finally felt old enough and a little better equipped and prepared. I think that's why I'm a better father now. But on the other hand, it's an identical experience because of the joy of having a birth. Of course it is exhausting to have two ranks at home. The moment you leave the house and leave the noise behind, life seems fantastic. Paradoxically, one misses the brats half an hour later despairing again. It's strange. Her career is gaining momentum, especially with Hollywood films. Have you ever thought about going there? Colin Firth: I will never move to Hollywood. But not because I do not like it. I like Los Angeles and fly there quite often to visit my eldest son, William. The reason is more that I thrive only in London. I'm too rooted in London, and the city stimulates me so much. Quite apart from that, I'm not crazy about moving around, although this has been in my blood for generations in my family. My grandparents traveled the world as missionaries. My parents were born in India, my sister is in Nigeria. My mother spent much of her youth in the US. My dad taught there for a while. I in this respect an outsider in the family. I've never been to India, and that's getting weird when you know my family because I'm the only one who has not traveled there yet. I am still guilty of this trip, but only as a tourist.