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These are the bikini trends 2015

Smoochy! The new Bikini Trends 2015 are here - we introduce you to the five most important looks.
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  1. Barbie Pink, Metallic, Tropical Prints & more
  2. Bikini Trends 2015: Tropical Prints
  3. Bikini Trends 2015: Barbie Pink
  4. Bikini Trends 2015: Surfer Tops
  5. Bikini Trends 2015: Monokini
  6. Bikini Trends 2015: Metallic

Barbie Pink, Metallic, Tropical Prints & more

The catwalk reaches all the way to the beach in the summer of 2015: We show which trends of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami also make the new bikinis and swimsuits shine.

Here are the bikini trends 2015 for the perfect beach appearance!

Bikini Trends 2015: Tropical Prints

South Sea flower and palm prints bring tropical flair to the beach in the summer of 2015 - no matter if it's the South Sea or the Baggersee. Models with small-scale patterns provide optical depth and are therefore ideally suited for androgynous figures. The restless patterns visually push on bums and buttocks. In those places where you want to avoid extra attention, combinations with plain or decent print versions are better, to steer the attention cleverly on the chocolate side. Or you can wear large-format, textured designs that are ideal for rounder women.

Bikini Trends 2015: Barbie Pink

With a bang appear on the beach area? In the trendy color versions of powder over fuchsia to pink no problem! Because: Pink has power and makes you look fresh and delicate. In order not to be stranded as a Barbie girl, do not choose lovely models. Sporty cuts get candy tones much better. Bright nuances magically attract looks. If you want to hide curves, you should shop for plain plain models and choose materials with a matte finish and a light shape function - or just set individual accents in the trendy color.

Bikini Trends 2015: Surfer Tops

Swimming competing? With these sleek bikini trends in 2015, you're sure to win every beach trophy - and be it through optical bribery: thanks to neon colors and clean lines in the surfer look. The sporty silhouette that makes up this trend is also suitable for fuller bodysuits. Exuberant details have nothing to look for here. Subtle unit tones additionally conceal. Too-boxy cuts make androgynous silhouettes even more boyish. Alternative: deep cutouts.

Bikini Trends 2015: Monokini

They look sexy and yet dressed: monokinis. Perfect for all beach girls who do not want to decide between bikini and swimsuit. Do not wear on tummy and wide hips - emphasizes unnecessarily small problem areas. But if you do not have an hourglass silhouette, Monokini with side cut-outs can easily turn you into a sensual beach siren. Because they literally "draw" the curves on the body!

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Bikini Trends 2015: Metallic

Metallic bikinis and bathing suits will shine, even when the sky over the pool is over. Metallic shiny fabrics in gold, silver and bronze look especially nice to tanned skin. The good news for those who tend to be boyish: Shiny materials are real curve boosters because they reflect the sun very strongly, presenting even the slightest curve in the best light. Anyone who wants to conceal certain parts of the body rather than emphasize them should use metallic details more sparingly. Shimmering fabrics on curves seem like unfavorable headlights. Depending on the stature you can combine the gloss trend but super with dark uni-parts and steer the focus on its merits.

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