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Instructions socks fish

Small fish really big: The sockfish does not swim away so fast. With the simple instructions you could make a whole swarm!


You need this:

  • a pair of socks in pink
  • Filling cotton (craft shop)
  • fabric scissors
  • Yarn in mint and pink
  • Embroidery thread in light pink
  • Two buttons in Mint
  • pencil
  • sewing machine

And this is how it's done:

1) Socks as specified (complete instructions with template available for download under the article available). If necessary, draw with pencil.

2) Turn the fuselage of the fish to the left and top the edges with a short edge. Leave caudal fin open for turning.

3) Turn part and fill with filling cotton.

4) Stitch tail tail from the right with zigzag stitch.

5) Fill the heel pieces with cotton and sew them by hand.

6) Sew on buttons with matching thread as eyes. Embroider a smiling mouth with embroidery thread.

Here you can download the entire manual.

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