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Red dresses, coats and skirts for fall

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  1. All love red
  2. With accents
  3. Simple solo artist
  4. Flattering tone
  5. Powerful appearance
  6. Classic check
  7. Red dresses & Co .: The best styling tips for fall

All love red

The color meets us now in all shades - and they are sometimes combined.

With accents

Red dresses are absolutely in fashion this season. And this knit dress has the stuff to your favorite outfit. It fits best to black, because bags and hem are so discontinued. With a black handbag and pumps - the city look is ready.

Dress from 34, 99 Euro, Gr. 36-52, Order No .: 371094003, Ambria

Simple solo artist

Red dresses for the first cool days. But the fine knit dress is just perfect. Special feature: The top is cut casual, the attached skirt is stretched by slim slim.

Dress 59, 90 Euro, Gr. 34-46, Order No .: 005187X, Heine

Flattering tone

The color of the chiffon blouse is nicely matched to the stripes of the flowing pants.

Blouse 45, 95 Euro, Order No .: 40440M; Trousers 79.95 Euro, Order No .: 25606M, both Gr. 34-54, Bon 'A party

Powerful appearance

A wool coat without a lot of bells and whistles - as the strong red color and the issued cut are particularly good effect.

Coat from 129 Euro, Gr. 36-52, Order No .: 5665030X, Bell

Classic check

The Scots greet - but we also like this traditional pattern on the short viscose skirt in autumn . A fitted jacket to harmonious proportions.

Shirt 19, 99 Euro, Order No .: 28510074, skirt from 34, 99 Euro, Order No .: 34423089, both Gr. 34-46, Baur

Red dresses & Co .: The best styling tips for fall

Tone-in-tone: From tomato red to purple to Bordeaux, all reds can be perfectly combined because they belong to a color family. Great side effect: tone-on-tone outfits make you slim.

Trendy Patterns: Checks, Flowers, and Graphic Prints - they 're all red now. Wear monochrome pieces with exactly one of the reds from the pattern.

Strong contrasts: Bright colors like off-white and light gray, but also dark ones like navy, brown and black go very well with the red nuances.

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