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Clever button decoration to imitate

Yellow button decoration.
Photo: deco & style

Button with head

Buttons with brains - we show beautiful and clever decoration ideas with the everyday object that everyone has guaranteed at home.

Everyone has them lying around at home somewhere - but actually buttons last a quiet, unnoticed existence.

Stop it! Now we make it the absolute eye-catcher and new decoration trend. Because you can do more with buttons than to sew them on our garments.

Our beautiful button deco now decorates cushions in fresh sun yellow, placemats for more rainbow feeling on the blackboard, chests of drawers, which are awakened by our deco with wonderful charm to the new life and gives lampshades exciting structure.

Just take a look in your sewing box and let yourself be surprised how many great button deco tags hide there.

So get to the needle and thread and get started on it!