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Keeping Healthy Through the Day: It's easy with these 13 tips

No fast food, no sweets and every day a decent unit of sport - only in this way can we stay healthy and fit? Not at all.

Sometimes only small changes in everyday life are needed to stay healthy.
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  1. 30 minutes of exercise are enough
  2. Do not underestimate the effect of a good hat full of sleep
  3. Drink enough
  4. Take time for your meal
  5. Count your steps
  6. Vegetables belong to (almost) every food
  7. Make positive thoughts
  8. Choose a sports exercise and get to work
  9. Do not forget the stretching
  10. Treat yourself with nuts as a snack
  11. Getting up is announced!
  12. Try the 80-20 rule
  13. Always stay relaxed

With our tips that can be implemented with little effort, you change a lot each day with just little habits.

30 minutes of exercise are enough

Exercise frees up your head, boosts your metabolism and strengthens our immune system outside: just a 30-minute bike ride or a walk a day is enough to keep body and mind in good condition. Of course, if you want more, you are welcome to spend more time on the bike.

Do not underestimate the effect of a good hat full of sleep

Not only will you feel tired the next day if you have not slept enough, your body will also become more susceptible to illness in the long term. You also have a greater chance of losing weight if you sleep enough - that is between seven and nine hours.

Drink enough

Actually, it is quite simple, but all the while we catch each other again and again, not enough to drink. The day should be at least 1.5 liters according to the German Nutrition Society. If you play sports or are particularly hot, up to 3 liters are recommended.

Take time for your meal

If you focus on your meal and do not distract yourself with watching TV or your laptop, you'll soon realize that you're paying more attention to what you're actually eating. In addition, you are much more likely to register when you are really full.

Count your steps

Generally, doctors recommend to walk around 10, 000 steps a day. If you do not want to count them with your fingers, a pedometer is the answer. In the meantime, there are plenty of free apps that record every step of your life.

Vegetables belong to (almost) every food

As often as possible, you should add a little vegetables to your food. Because that does not mean much more calories, but all the more important vitamins and minerals. Delicious and healthy!

Make positive thoughts

Sometimes we do not even notice how many negative thoughts we have about ourselves each day. Just try to say a nice word to yourself: You will see that this is not only good for your mind.

Choose a sports exercise and get to work

Whether it's the plank, squats or pushups - it's definitely a great idea to pick a sporty exercise and practice it with a lot of dedication. It is even better if no equipment is needed for this exercise. Once you concentrate on just one exercise, you do not run the risk of overstraining yourself, and you also have a quick sense of achievement. This will help you keep it going and that is important to staying healthy.

Do not forget the stretching

Did not get out of bed again this morning? Somehow you have been tensed for days? Then you may have not stretched properly longer. You should change that fast. Because only a few exercises a day relax you immediately and help you to go through the day more relaxed.

Treat yourself with nuts as a snack

If your stomach growls in between, a protein-rich snack is always a good choice to replenish your energy stores. Plus: Nuts contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Getting up is announced!

To stay healthy, we recommend that you get up more often and do not spend too much sitting. Sitting too long not only causes back pain but also promotes hypertension.

Try the 80-20 rule

It does not mean that 80 percent of your meals are made to be as healthy and nutritious as possible. As for the other 20 percent, you can take it a bit easier.

Always stay relaxed

Just a few minutes a day are enough to concentrate on oneself and calm down. Use this time. You will feel great afterwards.