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Sparse Hazelnut Harvest: Will Nutella Be More Expensive?

Is Nutella more expensive? Blame is hail and frost in Turkey.
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Storm in the spring

How long does a glass of Nutella last for you? A week or a year? Nutella lovers beware: Nutella could become more expensive in the future.

Why do we love Nutella? Because of its high cocoa content and its fine hazelnut note. An unmistakable feature! Do without it? No way! It is not that far yet. But: The hazelnut harvest in Turkey was bad this year. The reason: hail and frost in spring. Is Nutella more expensive ?

Price increase by 60%

Much of the harvest was destroyed. Initial projections say 300, 000 ruined tons, others larger numbers. The result: The price for a ton of hazelnut has increased by 60%. If one tonne cost € 4, 800 in February, ferrero should now pay more than € 7, 800 for the same amount.

Not only ferrero, Ritter Sport also hits the bad hazelnut crop. What does that mean for us? Is Nutella more expensive ? Or the offer smaller? Ritter Sport and Ferrero do not want to make any statements about possible effects. And when Nutella gets more expensive , we just make the spread ourselves. The Nutella bread is and remains our favorite breakfast ritual.

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