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For large and small sewing instructions for a fabric cat

You would like to have a new roommate? This cat would love to move in with you! Just sew them yourself with this tutorial.

Something sociable? Then make friends with this cute cat.

You need this for the cat:

  • floral cotton fabric
  • Motif template made of cardboard (eg a cat)
  • Textile pencil (haberdashery)
  • pins
  • Filling cotton (craft shop)
  • dried rose petals (department store)
  • yellow satin ribbon (craft shop)
  • Sticktwist in purple
  • embroidery needle
  • Sewing machine and yarn
  • Zigzag scissors
  • fabric scissors

And this is how it's done:

1. Place the fabric on right side. Put the motif made of cardboard on top and tighten with a textile pencil.
2. Stick the fabric along the line and cut with a zig-zag scissors with approx. 1 cm seam allowance.
3. Sew the contours with the sewing machine. In doing so, avoid an opening of approx. 6 cm.
4. To ensure that the pillow can be filled well later, cut the seam allowance in narrow places with the scissors (eg on the tail, neck and ears).
5. Turn over the pillows. Use the pencil in small places to help.
6. Fill the pillow with cotton wool and rose petals.
7. Sew the opening with a simple stitch.
8. Decorate the cat with a satin bow around the neck.
9. Embroider face with Sticktwist.

Here is the guide for you to download.

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