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Children's birthday: sweet and savory food

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  1. Chili con carne from octopus bread bowl
  2. Ladybug Cake Pops
  3. Hippo baked potato with ham and vegetables
  4. Wild berry slices
  5. Sweet wands
  6. Ghostpudding from G tterspeise
  7. Fairy magic: raspberry and lemon cream
  8. Pirates Taler cookies
  9. Zucchini bread at the Hackstrand

Children's birthday food

When little pirates turn into big pirates and sweet princesses into seasoned queens, then the desire for a delightful meal for the birthday party is twice as big.

The greatest joy on the birthday party are the gifts. And with them, the joy of sweet and savory delicacies. Whether it's a foamy gummy bear cake or a cucumber crocodile - put a smile on your little one's face and look forward to a heavenly meal for the children's birthday party .

Everyone can do it easy. We transform boring birthday cakes and unimaginative sandwiches into colorful delicacies. A huge fun for young and old!

Chili con carne from octopus bread bowl

Ingredients (4 people)

1 egg whites, 1 can (8 pieces) Sunday rolls Knack + Back, 4 tsp sesame seeds, 1 tin (425 ml) corn and kidney beans, 1 red and green pepper, 1 teaspoon cocoa powder, 250 ml vegetable broth, 20 g clarified butter, 250 g ground beef, 2 tablespoons tomato paste, 1 tin (212 ml) chopped tomatoes, about 1 teaspoon sugar, salt, pepper, possibly cucumber slices for garnish


1. For the octopus body whisk egg whites with 3 tablespoons of water. Remove 4 rolls from the roll and place on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. Also remove remaining rolls from the packaging and divide into 8 pieces of approximately equal size. Form each piece into a forward tapered roll. Brush a bread roll with white. Put the rolling pin as "tentacles" around the body and press lightly. Brush with egg whites and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Do the same with the remaining dough. In the preheated oven (electric cooker: 200 ° C / circulating air: 175 ° C / gas: see manufacturer) bake for 10-15 minutes until golden brown.

2. Drain corn and beans, drain. Clean the peppers, wash and cut into fine strips. Mix the cocoa with 2 tablespoons of hot water and stir into the broth.

3. Melt 30 g of clarified butter in a saucepan, sauté the hack with whisking, add the pepper and fry. Add the tomato paste, roast briefly and deglaze with the cocoa broth. Stir in tomatoes and corn. Season with sugar, salt and pepper. Approximately Simmer for 10 minutes.

4. Take bread rolls out of the oven. Approximately Cut off 1/3 of the bread roll lid and hollow out something. Fill with chili con carne. Put the lid back on. Possibly. garnish with a little green pepper from the chili as eyes. Arrange octopus on plates garnished with cucumber slices.

Ladybug Cake Pops

Ingredients (20 pieces)

1 packet (400 g) light Viennese soil, 100 g cut-resistant nut nougat, 2-3 tablespoons apricot jam, 1 egg white, 175 g icing sugar, red food coloring, 1-2 tablespoons lemon juice, 40 g chocolate slices, 25 g dark chocolate - chocolate, 20 sugar hearts, 20 lollipops, 1 normal paint brush, 2 freezer bags, stickmos or a large polystyrene


1. Finely crumble the Viennese soil in a large bowl. Coarsely chop nougat and melt over a warm water bath. Add nougat and jam to the cake crumbs. Knead the mixture with your hands until you get a homogeneous dough. Approximately Form 20 slightly oval balls (25-30 g each).

2. Mix the egg whites and powdered sugar. Fill 1 tsp cast in a freezer bag and close. Stir food coloring into the remaining casting until the desired color is achieved. If the cast is too thick, stir with lemon juice a little thinner.

3. Dip a lollipop end into the red frosting and put it in a ball. Use the brush to apply the frosting to the ball. Place cake pops in a deeper dish with moss or styrofoam and leave to dry for 1-2 hours.

4. Stick together 2 chocolate pieces for the ladybird's head with a speck of frosting and press on the icing that has not yet solidified. Coarsely chop the chocolate and melt over a warm water bath.

5. Cut off a small tip from the freezer bag and place two small dots for each eye on the chocolate pieces. Give sugar hearts a little frosting and stick them under the eyes as a mouth. Put the chocolate into the second freezer bag, cut off a small point again and apply the pupils and the other ladybug pattern.

Hippo baked potato with ham and vegetables

Ingredients (4 people)

4 large potatoes (about 400 g each), 1 broccoli (about 500 g), 1 red pepper, 2 carrots, 4 small potatoes, salt, 1 slice cooked smoked ham (about 50g), 1 leek onion (about 30 g), 2 black olives without stone, 250 g sour cream, 1 tablespoon butter, grated nutmeg


1. Thoroughly wash the baked potatoes, place them on a baking tray and cook in the preheated oven (electric cooker: 175 ° C / circulating air: 150 ° C / gas: see manufacturer) for about 1 1/4 hours. In the meantime, cut broccoli florets from the stalk. Cut the peppers in half, clean, wash and cut into strips. Peel carrots and cut into slices. Wash the potatoes thoroughly and cook in boiling salted water for about 15 minutes.

2. Meanwhile cook broccoli in boiling salted water for about 5 minutes. Add carrots and peppers after approx. 3 minutes. Drain vegetables and fry cold. Quarter slice of ham. Clean leek, wash and cut into 8 pieces about 2 cm long. Use rest otherwise. Drain the olives and cut into 8 slices. Remove one strip from the pepper and cut out 8 small pieces for the "pupils". Drain the potatoes and allow to cool slightly.

3. Take the baked potatoes out of the oven and carefully carve them horizontally until they are about halfway through. Open the cut part as a "mouth" and fix it with leek pieces as "tusks". Distribute sour cream on the cut surfaces. Roll up the ham slices and insert them as a "tongue" between the "tusks". Place olive slices and pieces of paprika on the potato as "eyes" and "pupils". Make 2 side slits each on the baked potato. Halve small potatoes and put them in as "ears".

4. Heat the butter in a pan. Add vegetables and season with nutmeg and salt. Heat briefly and serve with the hippo baked potato on plates. To pass on other sour cream.

Wild berry slices

Ingredients (30 pieces)

750 ml of milk, 180 g of sugar, 1 1/2 sachets of custard powder 'vanilla flavor (for cooking), 3 eggs, 100 g flour, 25 g cornstarch, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 10 g cocoa, approx. 300 g forest berry jam, 325 g Room-warm butter, approx. 60 shortbread biscuits, approx. 250 g dark chocolate, 20 g coconut fat, 100 g chopped hazelnut kernels, cling film, baking paper


1. Boil 650 ml of milk and 80 g of sugar. Stir the custard powder and 100 ml of milk until smooth and stir into the boiling milk. Simmer for about 1 minute while stirring, then remove from heat. Pour the pudding into a bowl and cover with foil directly on the surface. Allow to cool to room temperature.

2. Separate eggs. Beat the egg whites and 3 tablespoons of water until stiff, pour in 100 g of sugar. Stir in the yolks. Mix flour, starch and baking powder and sift over the mass. Carefully fold. Approximately Place half of the mixture on a baking sheet (x cm) lined with baking paper. Stir in the remaining mass of cocoa. Distribute dark dough between the light blobs. Spread the biscuit mixture smoothly with a pallet and bake in the preheated oven (cooker: 200 ° C / circulating air: 175 ° C / gas: see manufacturer) for 8-10 minutes. Remove the biscuit from the oven and allow to cool.

3. Bring the jam to a boil, then allow to cool. Whisk the butter creamy with the whisk of the hand mixer. Stir in room-warm pudding spoonwise. First coat the biscuit with half of the jam, then carefully apply the butter cream. If the cream is difficult to spread, keep the cake cool for about 30 minutes.

4. Cover the cream with about half of the butter biscuits close to each other. Keep the cake cool for about 30 minutes. Turn the biscuit, peel off the baking paper. Layer the jam, butter cream and cookies in the same way on the biscuit. Cool again for about 30 minutes.

5. Chop the chocolate roughly. Melt coconut oil and chocolate in a bowl over a warm water bath. Split the cake between the biscuits into 30 pieces. Cover each piece of cake barely half with chocolate / dip, drain well and distribute on 2 baking sheets or trays with baking paper. Sprinkle with hazelnuts and chill for about 30 minutes.

Sweet wands

Ingredients (12 pieces)

175 g white chocolate, 175 g whole milk chocolate, colorful sugar pearls to decorate, baking paper, 1 metal skewer, 12 wooden skewers


1. Chop white chocolate roughly, melt over a warm water bath, allow to cool for about 10 minutes. Place 6 different cookie cutters (eg stars, moon, shooting star, 5-7 cm Ø) on a plate lined with baking paper. Approximately Add 1 cm of chocolate, sprinkle with sugar pearls and let cool for approx. 15 minutes.

2. Meanwhile roughly chop whole milk chocolate, melt over a warm water bath, allow to cool for about 10 minutes. Remove white chocolate from the molds. Process whole milk chocolate as well.

3. Light a candle. Hold the metal spit with the tip in the blue of the flame, pierce a hole in each lollipop (about 1 cm deep), heat the metal spit in between again. Insert a wooden skewer in each case.

Ghostpudding from jelly

Ingredients (6 people)

2 sheets of gelatine, 2 packets of jello 'lemon flavor, woodruff flavor' (for cooking), 300 g of sugar, red sugar for decoration, 250 ml of milk, 1 packet of vanilla-flavored sauce powder (without cooking), oil for the mold


1. Soak 1 sheet of gelatin in cold water. Mix both varieties of jelly with 150 g sugar each in a saucepan. Stir each time with 750 ml of water gradually, heat over low heat while stirring (do not boil!).

2. Express gelatin and dissolve 1 leaf in each jelly food. Grease 2 casserole dishes (20 x 30 cm), pour in one jelly each, allow to cool for approx. 1 hour, refrigerate for at least 5 hours.

3. Using a spirit cookie cutter (about 10 cm Ø), cut out 6 ghosts each from the jelly dishes, place them on a plate (add the remains in a bowl). Paint with sugar-sheet faces.

4. For the custard pour milk into a mixing bowl, add the sauce powder while stirring and stir until smooth. Custard to the ghosts.

Fairy magic: raspberry and lemon cream

Ingredients (6 people)

150 grams of frozen raspberries, 750 grams of skimmed quark, 75 grams + 4 tablespoons of sugar, 400 grams of whipped cream, juice of 1 lemon


1. Thaw raspberries in a bowl for about 30 minutes. Mix cottage cheese and 75 g of sugar. Beat the cream with the whisk of the hand mixer until stiff, fold in. Halve quark cream. Puree raspberries with a blender, pass through a sieve.

2. Raspberry puree under one curd half and lemon juice under the other half. Layer the quark cream alternately into 6 glasses (approx. 250 ml each), wipe the cream with the stem of a spoon.

3. Melt 4 tbsp of sugar in a pan, remove from heat, leave to cool for about 5 minutes. Dip into the sugar with a fork and remove thin threads and form into balls. Decorate each jar with caramel threads.

Pirates Taler cookies

Ingredients (30 pieces)

75 g dark chocolate, 75 g white chocolate, 125 g soft butter, salt, 1 packet vanillin sugar, 100 g brown sugar, 75 g sugar, 2 eggs, 150 g flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 3 tablespoons cocoa powder, 400 g powdered sugar, yellow food coloring, 25 g bittersweet chocolate, baking paper, 1 freezer bag


1. Chop the chocolate into small pieces. Beat butter, 1 pinch of salt, vanillin sugar, brown and white sugar with the whisk of the mixer for 2-3 minutes until creamy. Stir in eggs one after the other. Mix in the flour, baking powder and cocoa. Add chopped chocolates.

2. Leave the dough for about 30 minutes. Form 30 equal sized balls (approx. 25 g each) out of the dough. Put 10 balls on a baking sheet (32 x 38 cm) lined with baking paper and press a little flat. Bake in preheated oven (electric cooker: 175 ° C / circulating air: 150 ° C / gas: stage 2) for 10-15 minutes.

3. Remove the plate, allow to cool for approx. 10 minutes on a wire rack. Remove cookies from the baking paper and allow to cool on the wire rack for approx. 15 minutes. Bake the remaining cookies as well. Mix icing sugar with 5-6 tablespoons water to a thick sauce, color with food coloring.

4. Brush cookies to the brim with pour. Chop couverture roughly, melt over a warm water bath, allow to cool for about 10 minutes. Place couverture in a freezer bag, cut off a small corner. Paint a number or skull on each cookie and let it set for about 30 minutes in a cool place.

Zucchini bread at the Hackstrand

Ingredients (4 people)

100 g long grain rice, salt, 1 medium onion, 1 red pepper, 1 tbsp oil, 600 g mixed minced meat, 1 tsp dried Italian herbs, 4 tbsp tomato paste, black pepper, 2 courgettes (250 g each), 2 tsp instant Vegetable broth, 1 can vegetable corn, 100 g grated gouda cheese


1. Prepare rice in boiling salted water according to the package instructions.

2. Peel the onion and finely dice. Clean and wash the peppers, dice them. Heat the oil, fry the hack in it. Add herbs, onion and half of the pepper. Fry for 2 minutes. Add the tomato paste and sauté briefly. Add 400 ml of water, season with salt and pepper and simmer for 5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Drain the rice, drain.

3. Wash the zucchini, clean and cut in half lengthwise. Hollow out the zucchini, leaving an edge of approx. 5 mm. Boil 500 ml of water, stir in broth. Put the zucchini in the frying pan of the oven, pour stock. Cook for about 10 minutes in the preheated oven (electric cooker: 200 ° C / circulating air: 175 ° C / gas: stage 3).

4. Drain corn and drain. Mix rice with corn, rest paprika and cheese. Fill in the zucchini halves. Cook in a hot oven at the same temperature for another 10-15 minutes. Put wooden skewers in the "boats". Serve with meat sauce.

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