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Royal House Sweden: Moving to Haga Castle

Palace whispers from Sweden

Despite the scandal stories that are circulating around King Carl Gustaf of Sweden across Europe, life at the court in Stockholm seems to continue unabated.

King Carl Gustaf of Sweden made his first appointment yesterday, a maritime event on a theatrical ship, and together with Queen Silvia will honor Sweden with the Prince Eugen Medal in the Stockholm Palace. It is the first public appearance the royal couple of Sweden after the publication of the scandal book, in which Carl Gustaf is accused by Sweden, about 15 years ago to have been a guest in dubious nightclubs.

There is no time to think about this kind of thing right now Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel . The two are since yesterday to move into the newly renovated Haga Castle. Victoria's belongings were previously in the family castle Drottningholm and now lands on a cardboard basis on the Haga estate. Likewise Daniels things, which partly still in Ockelbo with his parents camped.

The Haga Castle with the large, old Gutspark was built in 1802 to 1805 on behalf of King Gustav IV Adolf in Italian villa style. In the main house there are 25 light-flooded rooms. In the castle, King Carl Gustaf of Sweden spent his childhood and youth with his four sisters. For Victoria and Daniel, the palace was completely renovated. Daniel let it be known only recently that also nursery rooms are planned. "We hope not to be alone for long, " he said, not realizing at the time that a baby announcement would be the best thing to get the Swedish royal house out of negative headlines right now.

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