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World Cup 2014: The most popular snacks for the World Cup in Brazil

Playing soccer together - including tasty snacks
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Steak, nibbles and ice cream: The football World Cup is culinary.

Cooking, eating and watching football together are all the rage at the moment: public viewing is no longer as popular as it was at the 2006 World Cup or 2010. Of course, delicious snacks are also part of the cozy get-together.

A study by food home supplier Eismann revealed that every third German is planning to watch the games at home. Only one in four plans to go public viewing as often as possible.

Particularly popular as a football snack in front of the local television are grilled steak, chips and other nibbles. But healthy things are also cut short: In fourth place respondents indicated that they eat salad while watching football .

Completely atypical: Sixth and seventh are ice and chocolate. Not exactly the right snack for the beer. Completely knocked down at ninth and ten are meatball and doner kebab.

If you would like to serve your friends typical Brazilian snacks, you could for example make empanadas . The small dumplings are filled with minced meat, vegetables or cheese and are baked or deep-fried. Especially practical: With the dumplings in his hand, it is still great cheer.

You like it sweet? Why not offer Brigadeiros? The specialty of condensed milk, butter and cocoa is a typical Brazilian praline . Of course, Brazil's national drink is the Caipirinha. The refreshing drink of lime, cane sugar, crushed ice and cachaca makes the Brazilian football feeling perfect. Whether German or Brazilian delicacies: The main thing is still that the German national team wins.