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Natural: Chrysanthemums enchant our home

The versatility of the chrysanthemum is its true strength. Whether in the office, for a summer dinner or as a warm gift for the summer party, the chrysanthemum is a welcome guest at a variety of events.

Flowery all-rounder

The chrysanthemum is an all-round talent and is popular for its bright color accents. No matter where, it enchants every environment with its changeability.

The chrysanthemum is a beautiful sight in many living rooms due to its warm and wild character, because it sets in every bouquet extraordinary accents and contributes to a pleasant atmosphere. The wild form of the chrysanthemum has yellow flowers, but thanks to modern breeding, this flower is now available in a wide range of colors . The selection is so great, in addition to the monochrome classic in yellow, it also impresses in bright white, intense pink and purple as well as in warm shades such as bronze red and evening sun-orange .

The multicolored varieties of the chrysanthemum attract attention quickly, because especially the transitions from red to yellow conjure a warm summer feeling in every room. In addition, a variety of forms are now available in the trade, such as spray, decorative or Santini chrysanthemums .

This season, the chrysanthemum fits perfectly with the style "Unexpected Wild". The trend is for a natural appearance of the flower and is ideal for a rustic environment . The chrysanthemum shines in late-summer orange tones in a loosely bound bouquet of wild mallows, prickly manure litter and spreading clematis .

Thanks to its versatility, it is also suitable for combining with barnacles, bear claws, irises, hydrangeas, laurel and antler fern. The certain extra attachment to nature is a staging in a "leather vase". For this purpose, a Glasvasenonchalant is covered with old leather belts, which lie loosely on top of each other. This interpretation of the Chrysanthemum impresses its observers and entices to imitate.

This is how chrysanthemums last especially long

So that the joy of chrysanthemum in the "wild look" lasts as long as possible, some tips should be noted. Before the bouquet is arranged in a clean vase of fresh, room-warm water, the bottom leaves should be removed so that they do not rot in the water. It is advisable to cut the stems diagonally every two to three days with a sharp knife and add some cut flower food to the water. Sun provides the chrysanthemum bouquet in a sunny and draft-free location for up to two weeks his viewers.

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