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Knitting PatternKnitting Short Sleeve Sweater: How to knit a summer short sleeve sweatshirt

Short sleeved knit sweater: Perfect for summer is a short-sleeved sweater. You can easily knit this one yourself.

You can easily knit this sweater yourself
Photo: Schachenmayr

Sweaters knit with our instructions for a short-sleeved sweater: We'll show you how to knit a summer short sleeve sweatshirt.

36/38 and 40/42 The figures for the size 40/42 are in brackets, only 1 is valid for both sizes.

  • 250 g Schachenmayr Micro
  • Ombré Color in Candy Color Fb 00081;
  • Milward knitting needles 4 mm, 1 crochet hook
  • No. 4.


After knitting in K knit. Read the notes from the right to the left, knit all sts in the back not drawn, and knit out of the sts 1 st on the right and 1 st on the left. Start with the 2 sts before the repeat, repeating the 8 sts of the repeat, finish with the 2 sts after the repeat. Always repeat the 1st through 16th Rs. Stressed Decreases: On the right edge: knit Randm, 2 sts right. On the left edge: knit 2 sts
= 1 st over to the right Knitting, knit the next M to the right, then draw the M over, edge st.

22 stitches (M) and 32 rows (R) in basic pattern = 10 x 10 cm.

Back piece: Cast on 100 (108) sts and work 1 st back left. Then knit in the basic pattern, doing the repeat 12x (13x) per R work. After 34 cm bind off 3 sts for both armholes, then in each 2nd row remove 20x (23x) = 54 (56) sts. After 47 (49) cm cast off the remaining 54 (56) sts. Front: Knit as the back. Sleeve: Cast on 68 (76) sts and knit the 1st back. Then knit in the basic pattern, doing the repeat 8x (9x) per R work.
After 6 cm bind off 3 sts on both sides, then in every other row 20x
(23x) emphasizes decrease = 22 (24) M.
After 19 (21) cm from the stop, bind off the remaining 22 (24) sts.
Completion: clamp all parts, moisten and dry
to let.
Close the raglan, side and sleeve seams. At all stop edges
and at the edge of the neckline ever
Crochet 1 round of Kettm.

Here is the guide as a pdf download.

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