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The big crawling: accessories with insect prints

Bowl with butterfly decor.
Photo: Manufacturer

Butterflies & Co.

Because of ihhh! Accessories with beetles, caterpillars and butterflies are now in fashion. Let yourself be convinced by the fascinating shapes and colors of the little Krabbler.

Small insects really big: The misunderstood animal species is currently very much in vogue - and why not, after all, they belong to the species-richest animal class in the world. Around one million different insects are scientifically registered.

Now come the various animals in our four walls - and even asked! At the moment, butterflies, caterpillars, dragonflies, ladybirds & co on home textiles, porcelain, kitchen and bathroom accessories.

So put an end to the horror of happy six-legged friends on beautiful accessories - we are guaranteed to scare you!

Here you no longer think of exterminators: With us, the big, colorful crawling has already begun!