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Wow! RTL II styles and the after effect is unique

That's what Martina looks like before
Photo: RTL II

A makeover is a dream for many women. A new show on RTL II makes this dream come true.

When you stand in front of your closet, you always pull out the same boring clothes. Nothing is right for you and your style is just not that exciting? That's how many women are. What helps? A professional restyling.

the show concept is not new, but nevertheless the new RTL II show "Your new style" always provides a wow-effect. And no one needs to be operated on or lose weight like in other shows. Here is simply just once deep into the bag of tricks when Umstyling used and already from the somewhat staid Martina a great eye-catcher.

And best of all: It's not about overweight or people who are fashion catastrophes, but about ordinary women like you and me. In the best age and with a normal fashion taste, they just want to get a little more out of them. Like candidate Martina (48): "I have no style at all, " she is sure. But with stylist Liz at her side, Martina discovers a completely new style.

With 62-year-old Ingrid, styling expert Elena Meer meets a candidate who knows exactly what she wants. The former detective wants to finally look feminine, but skirts and dresses are not her thing yet. She wants to explore this new territory carefully together with Elena. How good that the styling professional knows exactly which combination Ingrid can put their type perfectly in scene.

Who is interested now: From Monday "Your new style" always runs on the afternoon at 15.55 clock on RTL II

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