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Beer and CaloriesIs Beer Healthy? When hops and malt are lost

Is beer healthy? The rumor persists, but rather has an outdated origin. Nutrition expert Patric Heizmann knows when you can call beer something like "healthy".

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The man's favorite drink. Many hundred years of brewing art are in the golden yellow juice. In the past even children drank beer and that was good then! The beer career started early. Already in Mesopotamia beer was produced. However, that probably tasted more like a lantern on the dog meadow ... at the bottom. The brewing did not really get into the brewing until the Middle Ages and the beer was so popular that even children got it. Because it got to them. Certainly not because of the alcohol content, which at the time was lower than today. Rather, the beer was already germ-free in the production due to the cooking process - what ordinary water was far from that then! In addition, beer was a popular source of calories in times of food shortage - which has become rather disadvantageous in today's feed surplus.

"Four beers are like a meal ...

I did not eat anything today! " Nutrition expert and coach Patric Heizmann explains the problem behind it: refueling a liter of beer is about 450 calories for the beer parking lot in the front area. Of course, only when the calorie-giving alcohol (about 40 grams per liter) and the few carbohydrates (about 30 grams in one liter) are not gebruzzelt by vigorous swaying or firm on the belly gossip. Especially since alcohol prefers to be burned before all other nutrients.

The larger danger figure rather emanates from the foggy mind, which additionally imports the schnitzel with potato salad. Because the control body "cerebral cortex" is drunk quickly in a short break. Good intentions and control drown in beer all too fast. And together in a double pack, the surplus calories from feed and liquid migrate in a polonaise into the calorie tanks.

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Cards on the table: The truth is sometimes hard, sometimes unbearable: Everyone knows the statement "A little alcohol is healthy" and the beer is just a bit. A free ticket for eternal life? Oh no! Because the fact that alcohol is also a cytotoxin even in small quantities (which is why he prefers to be burned first before all other nutrients), is often concealed in the commendations. It is said that even smaller amounts daily can reduce memory. Very stupid, if you forget about the first beers, how much you have already drunk ...

Since we can access germ-free water today, beer is not so important for a clean hydration. We can also save the extra calories. But does that make beer drinkers move away? Certainly not! It is a stimulant and enjoyment keeps the soul healthy. Of course, a stout beer fan will grab any blade of grass (or rather hopspike) to pursue his lust. For example, that beer also has a lot of nutrients in the luggage. Did you know that when you use alcohol again, you need it again, so you can use it again?

However, the nutrition coach has a reconciliation offer for all beer lovers: - "castrated" beer.

There is a salvation: the art of brewing has evolved. Today there is "castrated" beer - that is alcohol-free (the residual alcohol content is 0.02 - 0.5%). That's about half as much calories. Good for halving the beer belly, if you do not twice as much of it.

Alcohol-free beer is advertised as an isotonic drink. And that is perfectly acceptable. But only if you do not want to give up on beer after the sport. Not only the minerals help the tired muscles to regenerate, but the unused alcohol does not hinder the recovery, as is the case with original alcoholized beer.

In this sense: cheers!

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