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Carnival costume la Seapunk

Carnival 2013: Seapunk

If you are looking for a particularly stylish costumes for carnival, you should take a look at Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj: The stars have been inspired by the subculture Seapunk for their looks. We reveal what you need for the look.

Carnival goes sea punk
Photo: Getty Images, PR

Tentacles, octopuses, starfish, Dip Dye, lots of silver and preferably green hair, as we saw them last year with Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga or currently Bonnie Strange: these are the hallmarks of the Seapunk. But what is Seapunk actually? Roughly speaking, an internet subculture that the DJ Lilinternet gave birth to in a tweet.

Ideas for a Seapunk Carnival Costume shows the gallery (16 pictures):

One night he dreamed of a "leather-leather jacket with barnacles instead of rivets". The whole thing spread, and so did the Seapunk culture, which could be described as a wild mix of '90s rave and flash animations from the early days of the Internet.

Seapunk as a carnival inspiration

We dare to suggest that even the color company Pantone, which declared an aquamarine named "Emerald" the trend color par excellence for 2013, is also influenced by the Seapunk movement. If you want to try the trend, Carnival has the perfect opportunity. The costume is also suitable for flirting: Anyone who outclasses you as a mermaid can easily say that you are a sea punk - and impress with trend knowledge.

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